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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


Pussy Eating "Secret Weapon" Revealed For Advice - Best Technique ?

I am not so vain as to believe I really know it all about this subject. But it seems this is the question I get most often in my email. Here is the latest. I'd love your response here or on twitter @akiss2desire .

Dear akiss2desire

I've been reading your blog for about 2 years and you really get me into your stories with your writing.   I read your experiences and feel like I am there. Your words have meant a lot to me as I tried to understand and accepted my growing lesbian desires.   Please don’t ever stop writing and I hope you get your dream of getting published.   

Well, this is finally it! I just graduated from college and next weekend I am graduating in a different way.  I’m graduating from “bi curious” to “sexually experienced.”  I can’t wait !

Next weekend I am driving and spending the weekend (ssame bed) with the girl who has been my long distance girlfriend of about 6 months.  Melina is a friend from High School and after confessing our attraction and about 16 thousand texts, emails, and phone calls later, I have fallen deeply in love with her.  She loves your blog too, by the way.  As a matter of fact, we were talking about your blog the first time it evolved into phone sex.  I love to hear her orgasms.So Hot !

I’m writing you first  because I want to thank you.  I feel like I know you.   I wish I could talk to you and ask you many questions about the things you have written about.  And second, as the reality of what next weekend will be...my first time and I am her second, (not nervous) I really REALLY want to ask you how, when I go down on her, to give her the maximum pleasure.  I know you have written about just going with it, and I get that, but I am asking, pleading, and begging you to give me a lesbian oral sex secret or two so that her mind will be sufficiently blown when I perform cunnilingus on her.

We are getting together 1st week of June. Please help !

Thanks and Love


Hi lady,

CONGRATS on your college graduation, and thank you for your gracious compliments. May you and your lady embark on a wonderful life together both emotionally and sexually.

So, you are correct ...I have written about first times alot on my blog and about oral sex techniques as well.   But I was driving home yesterday with your sweet note on my mind and decided to offer this.   I am not sure if this is an advanced technique ..and for me, it has come from simply the love of giving oral rather than thinking about the science of all this.  Having said that, what I will describe is something I have done to virtually every girl, and if I am being honest, it is like the “I can make you come anytime” secret weapon.   How about if I confess this as well ….it’s been done to me by men.   I think that may be where I learned it ...and truly, if I think about it, I don’t think its really been done much on me in this manner ...and maybe I wish it would be LOL.  

And remember...there are truly ONE MILLION ways to eat pussy and she will like almost every one of them.  What she likes best is your quest.

What I enjoy doing ..and this of course is after lots of making out and when I go down on her kissing her thighs and licking around her lips and teasing her clit with tingly tongue touches and flicks, is this technique.   I am not sure if this is in the basics or the advanced class ...and I am sure one of my readers will point out I’ve written this before.

OK ..she’s wet right ?  Really wet lets hope.   Your index finger tests this and confirms it by entering her slightly.  Trail your fingertip up her lips and towards her clit.  Above her clit, use either your thumb and index finger of your left hand, or use both thumbs, to spread the lips and expose her clit.  Some, but not all, will be fully exposed ..others still have some folds of skin nearby for you to navigate.     You don’t want to just expose her beautiful bulb,  but also, pull northward on the loose skin.  How hard should you pull up ? Not extremely hard at first ...I think I gauge what would be pulling up vigorously and back that off by about half.  However, more lift later can vastly increase her sensitivity and she will probably accept and enjoy more pulling up on the skin there after you get started.  So, lift it up the skin above her now exposed clit while touching your tongue tip to her clit and circle it...familiarize yourself with it’s size, density, and stiffness Use your tongue and then use your lips to kiss it and encircle it.   Then for a few seconds, let go of where you were pulling up while continuing to gently suck and lick.  Alternating pulling up the skin above her pussy and then releasing it while tending to her clitoris is key to this technique.  Spreading the lips to expose her clit while alternating whether its very exposed or slightly exposed is key as well.

So at this point you have the variables of lift, spread, tongue and lips.  (see why I think it might be advanced class >?)   Keeping those variable cycling for a couple of minutes is probably going to make her scream, clutch your head with her thighs and cause your hair to be pulled LOL.  But wait, there is more.

Add a finger ...or if she is dirty wet and open, add two.  NO, you don’t have to have three hands.   Just lift and spread with one hand while fingering with the other.  Finger gently ...don’t fuck her furiously ..just add something to where she needs something to fill her a bit.   

Now you are lifting, spreading, fingering, licking....and now ...this is the time to add wrapping your lips completely around her clit and suck it with your lips ...bring it in your mouth if you can ...and after maybe 10 or 30 seconds sucking...add your tongue....then let go.  Gently blow on it and repeat if she will let you and hasn’t exploded yet.  

Now its licking and sucking with medium slow tongue twirls, pulling up and spreading in variable tension above her clit, adding a finger or two inside ...and now ...are you ready?   

Stiffen your tongue, place it on her clit, and while sucking gently, move your head side to side in a “nuh uh” motion.   Go side to side a few times and then, do it with increasing rapidness.   You have her and lady, she will come for you soon now.  
Lift up, spread lips and expose clit, rapidly back and forth on her clit with your stiff tongue while gently sucking, and gently fuck her with your fingers.  Got that ?   Elementary my dear ? :)

Thats my secret weapon ….but you are not totally in control because you have to get used to whatever her reaction is ...undulating, writhing, clutching, or in one case, just about suffocated (wonderfully) by her thighs.  

I would love to hear how everything worked out after you have your weekend.  I’d love to hear.

And THANK you for your uplifting to my ego letter.   You are wonderful



Lesbian Poetry "Reluctant Submission"

my reluctant submission
Akiss2desire 2013
All rights reserved

With each kiss on my neck
     yearning and churning below
passion thriving
soft and young and fresh feminine lips
descend towards my aged and womanly nipples
and hers burgeoning against my skin in a tingly skim
her flicking, fluttering and tracing tongue
so one nipple aches and its companion aches for the same anguish
and ache and anguish becomes
as she is smearing her saliva
down my side and across my belly and down to my pussy
      thirsting for your mouth
ready to cradle your tongue
and pulsate upon your lips

The Lesbian Neck Kisses of Pencil Artist Korinna Kore the Maiden

Dear Kore The Maiden,

I love your wordpress Korinna's Universe

Thank you for these drawings that express some core feelings that are better drawn than photographed.  You have a great touch and feel for this, and I presume you are a fabulous lesbian lover. One who certainly loves lesbian neck kisses :)


Lesbian Aspect of Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence is bisexual without a lesbian scene in Silver Linings
I just rented and watched Silver Linings Playbook ...very excited to see the movie that everyone was making such a fuss over, and Jennifer received both the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Actress.  I had already decided that ANY movie with her in it was worth watching.  I had been introduced to her with a movie she was nominated for, Winters Bone ...which was before the mega stardom that came her way with The Hunger Games.  She is witty, smart, funny, attractive and sooooooo sensous but in a strong woman kind of way.   I had rented recently House At The End of The Street, a predictable kind of movie that she was the only saving grace of, and now sat down to finally see Silver Linings.

Spoiler Alert ..there is not a lesbian scene in it.  Not technically.


There is a scene where she is connecting with the Bradley Cooper character and admitting that she slept with everyone in the office. Cooper says "even girls" and she confirms that.  He asks "how was that ?" and she says "HOT."  More information is divulged that she sat on their laps and did naughty things.   It's left to your imagination.

I have that imagination ...in loads.

So ..adding to the list of women who have played lesbian or bisexual women in movies Miss Jennifer Lawrence.

I am thrilled to tell you I am imagining this woman on my lap ...doing naughty things.

Her hair smells wonderful ...and she kisses so softly.
Click to Download Silver Linings Playbook and tell me if the big lesbian admission gives you tingles too.


Thoughts on giving lesbian oral to the squirting point

Wet, sloppy, lesbian oral sex with or without squirting.

I like this topic and will add that I am not a squirter and have not been with a girl who does ...or at least not like you see it in girl porn, usually with the girl masturbating herself to that because she knows which buttons to push.  From what I have read, the squirt is tied to G-spot stimulation which brings me to this.  I am not a squirter like they do on video, but I am such a gusher if someone can get me to the BIG one that the bed is wet so I almost always want a towel down when I masturbate, although that doesn't go with spontaneity when having sex.  

I am pretty sure I have not had a "G-spot" orgasm ever.  But when I come like that, I can feel the warm..actually hot wet liquid down the crack of my butt if laying on my back,  and can feel the difference in slippery / sloppy with her or in the past "him".   So, 3 times (2 male one girl) I have been with have asked me did I pee? ....NO ....  I have asked if it was ok.."was it gross"...nobody said anything but that it was a great turn on,   I don't have a complex about it and think it's just natural that good things in life are a big sloppy ...think of donuts :)

Now from the giving standpoint ...been with about a dozen girls and I like to go down for a long time ...LONG time ..hour or even hours (with breaks)..and to my knowledge, nobody ever squirted.  But let me explain...because maybe some did.

That "wet spot" is a source of pride and passion for me.  It always gets wet and sloppy ...I am sure some of that wet and slopppy comes from me and my mouth, but most of it is from her getting more and more involved in what I am doing with my lips and tongue sucking and licking her clit and my fingers working their magic.   Even  for the girl who told me "I don't get wet but that doesn't mean I don't like it."  Trust me, she left the wet spot as much as the rest.  :)   Its just that it seems so natural to me...and it isn't even anything you notice while it's happening ..but then you look down and go "gracious" its wet....and can be commented on, or laughed about, or just ignored because everything else is happening at the same time.  It's buiild build build and often 'gush".  Really never expecting it but its just what happens when the oral is good.    

Anyway ..I am intrigued ...if a girl told me she squirted, like if she prepared me and said "you know I squirt,,"  ...I think I would try to do what it is that makes her do that if thats the best release for her....but I want to say it doesn't have to shoot up in the air like in the vids for me...and I have wondered that if I would get my face out of the way if the "squirt" effect would happen.   I've seen it in vids where the girl that squirts just lets her lover mostly watch her masturbate at the squirting point, and I would do that and think it was pretty hot to be next to her while it was happening.   I'd love to know from the girls that squirt if the orgasms that happen including that are their best or just different ...for instance ..if the come but don't squirt are they left needing more?   Anyway ..hasn't happened for me yet.  

I just love when a woman drenches me, herself, and the bed. 


amy adams lesbian kiss scene

I'll tell you what. Amy Adams in this scene does NOT appear to acting :) See how her nipples are so aroused ?

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