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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


Let Me Introduce You To Lesbian Love

Let Me Introduce You To Lesbian Love
Erotic Lesbian Poetry

by: akiss2desire
2013 all rights 

Tonight in this bed with you and finally our first time
every bit as much anticipation as our next, our every time from now on

My fingertips stroking your sides  
both chilling you and warming you

up and down until I graze your breast with my fingernails, arouse your nipple, and meet your lips to mine and kiss you with purpose and our pleasure

On top of you I kiss my way down to neck and over to earlobe and down your chest
to your breasts

my mouth and tongue rolling over your nipple and I gentle suck until I hear your first, but not last soft moan

You clutch me by the back of my head into your chest ample bosom as I luxuriate in the softness

My kisses and licks desire to bring every nerve ending of your breasts to life

and your nipples to fully stiffen on my grazing teeth and tongue

when your clutch releases you are urging me downard

slowly and deliberately spreading your legs

to beckon me to your savory feast

My tongue traces a wet avenue towards the intention of my gratification

and as my lips meet the dewdrops of your desire, they richochet to meet up with the distraction beyond the haven 

to revel upon the sovereign softness of your inner thigh with my cheek

you squirm and gasp to call towards my mouth

Let me introduce you to my tongue my love

it will alter your very DNA and this next tender tickle upon your lips and your swollen bump
will unlatch a reverberating lust that only begins here and grows with the increasing force, momentum, and tempo of my need to pleasure you

You send your hips into my face to compliment my hunger

Soon you reward me with a drizzle down my chin emanating from your drenched lips and the rapture of your body losing control 

your chest blushing and heaving as you catch your breath

your eyes present me with a request

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Lesbian Porn review "The Best with New Positions and Ultimate Passion"

This is from a little side blog I set up called I'm a Lesbian Who Loves Free Lesbian Porn where I kinda review interesting, real, erotic lesbian porn I have enjoyed.  This clip was so erotic I wanted to share it with the widest audience so I am sharing it on both blogs. 

Should We Take A Break" is an interesting title, because once these two get going, there is no break in the multi orgasmic lesbian erotica.  Some scenes out there are sex scenes, this one is a long love scene with much to offer that is out of the ordinary without being  overly wildly kinky, and I am convinced...and I like it !

From the opening kissing scene it is just clear to me that these two women are totally ..totally into each other.  I love the way they look for certain, with great eye contact and tenderness and intimacy way beyond what one usually sees in the "produced for males" lesbian porn world.   I have no idea the actress names here, (any help ?) but I am in love with the girl with darker hair, and beyond in love with the girl brunette with slightly lighter hair and strongly desire to make love to her as she is the absolute best lesbian lover I have ever seen on film ..and that's saying alot because, as you know, as the "lesbian who loves free lesbian porn," I have seen quite a bit. 

The tender kisses and grinding that start their session off is accentuated with heavy breathing and, something I do when making love, moaning when one touches the other as much as when one is touched.  Very early, before anything oral happens, an awesome tribbing and orgasm scene while both still wear their panties adds to the realism portrayed. 

Both very beautiful with vulnerable eyes and super sexy soft whispered voices, ample breasts and a wonderfully erotic old fashioned baby doll wardrobe, this love scene leaves me believing that either the girls knew each other well before the scene, or after it was shot they made a date to continue their affair. And truly, it reflects a combination of things I love in making lesbian love, and at times, some innovation and improvisation gaves me some new moves to think about (and masturbate about.)
Well, the one I like gets fingered to coming wonderfully, and at only 8 minutes in we know they aren't finnished with each other at all quite yet.  She turns around and begins to return affection with her hanging
breasts brushing against the bunching panty hose and lifted knees with pointing toes legs of her lover she is topping while sucking upon each breast side to side.  SHe works her way down and pulls her lady's panties aside to begin to minster with her tongue. She has a particularly talented tongue, and if it sounds like bragging I am sorry, but she reminds me of myself in the way she flicks and licks while pulling back the lips to tantalize the clit unimpeded. Her slow, then fast, thin tongue than flat tongue, flicking with her tongue followed by bobbing her neck and head, mixture of light pressure followed by buried face pressure, and her beautiful eyes when she makes eye contact and smiles, ALLLL are such turn ons. 

She doesn't finish her with her tongue, instead coming up for some more panties on frontal (not scissoring) tribbing which (I think ?) leads to the darker haired girls orgasm.   They trade again and the panties are now off while the darker haired girl tops the other with incredible breast sucking that leads to the oh so erotic sounds of her moans, only surpassed by her moans when first tongue contact is made upon her clit.
Some perfect fingering from behind is nice. She is just SUCH a good lover and it shows SO much in the video. I think it is clear that both are intent on the other ones pleasure and that comes in knowing that it all comes back when there is this much chemistry. I mean, when the lighter haired lover,the absolute best, and for instance, makes sucking on her lovers breasts look like she is famished and hasn't eaten in a month and was just given delicious and succulent melons to consume heartily.   Such a good lover ..watch how her lovers cheeks flush after being tongue fucked at about the 17 minute mark.  Right after that she moves her head side to side, tongue stiffened against the clit ..ladies this is MY MOVE (LOL) and it causes the hardest and most real orgasm you will ever see I promise.

But its about this time that things get creative, and where things happened that made me say to myself  "I have to share this with my readers."  It's a backwards, almost doggie style scissoring that had me saying "I have GOT to try that." (first problem with this is to find a new lover>)   That turns into a sideways scissor...and again..haven't done this and WANT to.  It appears they both orgasm AGAIN here. ...at least my lovely light haired lady does. ..and then she frontal tribs the other one until she definitely comes.

New Lesbian Tribbing Position
Sometimes the tender kissing and loving of afterglow turns into even more sex, and that's what happens here. She perfectly and romantically kisses the dark haired one and with her perfect breasts photographed straight on in the best view of them through the whole video, she strips off the pantyhose and then lays down.  At this point the dark haired girl comes up and squeezes her boobs and then straddles the right one with her pussy and rides her ...nipple fucking.  I have loved nipple fucking like this except I was between my girlfriends legs and I was holding my breast and rubbing my boob on her...turned her on wildly and we did it for a fairly long time til she came and i was drenched from the sensation on my tit.  THIS positition is GREAT.  A camera closeup shows her erect nipple stroking the darker haired girls erect clitoris, and once again, there is just no faking her at all.  I have seen LOTS of lesbian porn but never NEVER saw this position portrayed.  In fact I am saving this vid for my next lover and going to send it and say "watch this..some of these things we have to try."  WHen she is riding / nipple fucking and then leans over with her hanging breasts first tantalizingly close to the others mouth, and then engulfed within them,   The  noises, moanings, and erotic "yeah"'s come across with utmost sincerity.   The dark haired girl comes again this way and collapses tit first into the face of the lighter brunette.  Her next orgasm comes a minute later from the fingering of the darker haired girl and now they are giddy because its obvious to them as it is to us how GOOD this sex is.

More from this multiorgasmic duo in a 69 to finish things off with another explosion from the darker haird girl who may have had enough and looks like she is too sesitive to be touched for awhile, but  they progress to a beautiful, sensuous spiderman kiss. (upside down kiss for those who don't know my terminology.) and my incredible, most amazing lover girl (if you are reading this I have never wanted anyone so badly ! ) expertly fingers one more orgasm out of her lover ...who looks at her ...all of this on camera ...and you tell me readers, if she doesn't look like she feels true love ...at least in the sexual sense.


Does This Moment Live Forever In My Soul

does this moment live forever in my soulAkiss2desire
All Rights Reserved

There's an aching to the core of me
like waiting on the shore
knowing not just any wave
but that wave is the one ive been waiting for
and as it approaches
anticipation and more anticipation and so much that it somehow becomes a mixture of joy combined with disbelief
that this good thing can happen to me

after the revelation of truth to the core
a truth that can never be turned back on
the image inside for so long
a promise ABOUT to be fullfilled
ultimate anticipation
all that is unknown changes now
fear melts into faith
this moment before the first taste and the knowing of your response to my fingers, mouth, lips, tongue and the warm grace of your appreciation in your breath, your movement, your whispers, moans and encourgement
and knowing that your gift to me is the knowledge of the pleasure I give to you
your wetness creates a cascade of mine
your welcoming eyes and head thrown back and you are so so open and available to the pleasure I create...as we create together
I carefully knead the fullness of your breast....you clutch and grope for mine as your passion builds

.......a moment

a moment before IT happens the first time with us
the million thoughts and images and feelings and desires that race through the mind at this one moment...of dreams, desires, history and hope

does this moment live forever in my soul

and how will i save to memory each brush of her lips
each tickle, each touch
each tender kiss and tremble
each tingle and tummy flip
how i know the frozen image of the look she gives me just then
will stay with me
will stay with her


Torture, Sweet Torture For My Love & I

I have loved you forever and yet we have not been able to make love due to the distance between us, and other circumstances of our current relationships.   I want to imagine us together ...coming together believing it will be the first night of many nights, and perhaps a forever of many nights.  I imagine that on the first night we dont do anything but cuddle because we have a lifetime to do everything.

From making out to orgasmic crescendo, we agree, it's a  sweet torture of love and lust.

You implore me to "devour every single inch of the others body over and over again before we even attempt to devour what's laying in between the legs."

Just as I want as well.
Our bodies melded together, you thrust harder and check me to see if our trust is betrayed. My eyes and actions, and especially because it is how I communicate my love, my tongue, all begin to ask if you can feel trust in the kiss where my tongue buries deep in your mouth ...or where my mouth invites a rush of blood to your nipple with each hungry suck ...or where my tongue rounds its mark and then flutters on the target to gauge our trust.   Will we know its more than mechanics ? In the fog of our immersion, can our souls fuck as hard as our bodies ?
I know that you enjoy pleasuring a woman as much as me, and so I know I would have to get good at letting you do me.  I know you like that thought.  But for now I want to think about making your rose bloom, settling in between your legs, just admiring you and hearing you say "quit looking at it and do something," in jest.  But not in jest, you thrust your hips into me until they reach their destination.
Your pussy strongly suggesting its long overdue that my lips would be swallowing your desire, and I  would accept that suggestion with everything i could engulf, providing as much wet and warm lips, mouth and tongue to feel it all throb and encourage your acceptance of all I'd want to give you
You could free your mind to relax knowing how much my mouth wants to be fucked when you thrust.  And when you pull back its everything ...everything.... everything I can give you
As you could hear my thoughts "let me let me let me."
Black and white becomes color at certain flicks or sucks....   a flower blooms and brings beauty.
If it gets a bit raw you get your thighs flourished with my lips, your cheeks and anything else thats sensitive until your pussy gets its mouth back to fuck again.  Hear me thinking and showing you with my actions "let me" "want me" "accept me."
Take my fingers to the hilt and my tongue to dance its dance of both the gentle butterfly and a flat tongue soft rapid sizzling twister licks and sucks of our pleasure, yours to feel and mine to collect your response.
Rake my scalp with your nails, ride my chin and mouth with undulations from your inner soul.
Hold me with your thighs and your palms.  Beckon my spirit with the sounds of your pleasure with us knowing that tonight we begin to make these noises together  to accompany our every full breath of the life of our mutual passion.
Look down at me looking up to you with my mouth so full of your intensifying passion.
See my eyes, my soul
See all the way back to the little girl when you see me that way.
See how much i want to please you in every way
See glazed love on my chin, see sweat on my shoulders, see the pink blushing of desire on my chest above my glistening breast.
I imagine one million things to do with you
for you
at you
in you
My skin is on you ...my lips are everywhere at once, yes,  but also,  only on your lips and clit and around your tingles and shivers.
Your every reaction guides my next action.
At the bottom of our bed, my juices run into the mattress below my waist, at the top of the bed my hands reaching  grope  you, reaching towards your breast, your nipples,  your neck, but trying  trying trying to remain gentle, and unable to reach into your beautiful hair to run my fingers through the wispy softness.
Baby, read my mind and know I am saying "let me."
Yes you felt that before with her but not with me.
Its different with me
You know how badly I want you to feel different with me than it was with anyone else.
And this moment in the air is its own moment to linger forever.
Knowing that in these mental polaroids  I'll never forget what i see in your eyes
And what different I see in your eyes at the next flick or suck.
And what either contrasting or convergent emotions emerge at the next act of sexual and emotional engrossment.
When the question asked by my fingers, lips and tongue again and AGAIN demands the answer to "is it good."  I know as your breath, sound, movement and with our mutual touches and responses that the answer is yes.
Still, I feel your pussy pleading with me.

And with every oral skill I have ever known and the reading of your body and hearing the whisper of your souls desire, my mouth pleas for your orgasm.

That intense concentration can finally fade at the ripening of your climax, each of us with every of the five senses totally stimulated at your magnificent eruption, where your essence spills into my mouth, onto the mattress, and into the air of the room in the  magnificence of your spirit as vibrant as your soul.

Our Lesbian Cabin of Love

by akiss2desire  copyright 2013 all rights reserved
I originally wrote this as a love letter to Meagan who lives so far away and all we might hope for was a night of love in this cabin where we would create our sensual memory.  I have totally rewritten it for eventual publication.  I am asking that anyone who reads it please give it a comment and a rating.
Our Lesbian Cabin of Loveby akiss2desire  copyright 2013 all rights reserved

Ever aware of the sexuality and sensuality of my being before we make love, our eyes meet across the room, and even though we are 10 feet apart, moments away from our first embrace of the night, the waltz of our encounter is beginning as our eyes meet one another’s.   My white satin gown with lavender lace framing my cleavage, chosen for just you and just this night softly caresses my skin beneath and feels especially tingly against my ample, half exposed bosom.  I had chosen the blue eye shadow because you said you liked it so much in the first picture I ever sent to you, and yes, I admit it gives me my most erotic look even if a bit on the trashy side.  My long brown hair falls off my shoulders showing the efforts of about twenty minutes with the curling iron, and my light pink glossy lips, while I was never satisfied with the look in the mirror, has a wet sheen ready for your lips to meet.  I wanted perfection for our night, and am a bit grateful that the soft light will present my body with forgiveness of the twelve year difference in our ages.  
It’s not only the fire in the cabin that creates the heat in the room. The look of your eyes shows an appreciation, a hunger that I share looking at you with unbridled attraction, and the forces between us create a communication for which the two of us need not speak words despite the thousands we have spoken and typed in chats and emails to get to this moment.  And so we advance without words, for all verbal communication would fail us now.
A sixth sense of the presence of your eyes and the want to touch me gives me sensation as if you actually ARE touching me.  It is as if your roaming eyes are turned into hands by means of your spirit and desire, and our night in the cabin promises all the sexual pleasures we two women crave to give and receive from one another.  Our carnal consummation is long delayed, but our love and devotion long ago solidified in knowing we were right for each other and where we realized our own very special place in the mixed up world of our closet lesbian pursuits.
The number of times you told me you weren’t sure if you could ever go through with what we are about to do is not forgotten, and reminds me that I must not in any way treat you like the number of previous lesbian lovers I have had where sexual conquest and orgasmic pleasure often trumped the emotional bonds of our sexuality.  With you, as never before, the distinctions between fucking you and making love with you have never been more acute.
Fire in your eyes and fire in mine so much so that I avert my gaze to the side, not being able to fully handle the intensity we both share. Both of us wanting everything we dreamed of in one moment, in one hour, in one night, in one orgasm….or flurry of orgasms.  But, with patience we know will be rewarded, I am savoring every second and can tell you are too. "Damn you look awesome," I half whisper and half croak from a nervousness and astoundment at your beauty and counting my blessings to be with such a young and vivacious woman so eager to make love with me. Your pink knee high dress with fluttered sleeves draping your soft shoulders accents your femininity, while the V Neck lets me admire the natural round shape and equal to my own size breasts , however your firm round orbs gently spill out of the fabric majestically. The diamond stud of your lip piercing shimmers, and your eyes are flirty and your shy smile radiates the room and my anticipation.  In the firelight your unbent dark hair glows and the portion of which you've brushed in front stops just at the concession of your breasts from your dress.  Your effect as a gleaming beautiful young woman causes me to catch my breath and realize you deserve a "you go girl" credit because while I feel you nervously trembling from across the room in lustful trepidation, I feel you absolutely KNOW you are boldly confident in your provocative, seductive, and mature for your 21 years of age beauty.  I believe you can feel my body begin to pulsate at our first vision of each other.

Our long awaited night of making love with each other has arrived. Our hugs and our brief kiss earlier, while they are memories I will cherish forever, are not what is about to come, for the next time we embrace, our bodies coming together in all out response to one another’s touch, kiss, and persuasion, we can finally let go and enjoy one another as only two women can.  I know you have afforded me control, but I also know your personality won’t be as a submissive.  We are in this together.

This next hug, we both know, will turn into so much of what we have promised one another, and the anticipation for us both is that because of our affection for one another, the experience will be more meaningful than whatever sexual experience preceded this night for either of us.
Your discussions of your inexperience with women are on both of our minds for certain, but I am determined not to be a teacher, but rather to guide your body and mind to firstly allow itself all that we can become in the hours to come, and also, to make love as your soul guides you to do, with no instruction manual needed. Just the knowledge of your being a woman and respect of the desire between us will be all you will need. Your instinct will be your teacher and all the pleasure I will require from you, and we will each fall comfortable into the give and take of sharing the power from minute to minute ...from kiss to engaging, deeply persuasive french kiss. Our tongues about to tie our expectations together when next we embrace, and you are thinking it is unlike anything you have felt before. But it’s not just a truth for you. I am about to feel every pleasure you will feel THROUGH your reactions.  You are about to know the bubble we will be in together with every concern of the universe shielded from the togetherness of just us two.
The spark between us as we walk together in the flickering light sends a shiver running through my body, and I observe the flash of uncertain hunger in your eyes. It all slows down as if in a dream.  My darling, we have not even touched but sensations are roaming my body and especially, when your piercing eyes welcome me without fear, my loins feeling heavy and achy, even a bit needy.  I am already so damp and on my way to being "dirty wet," and I cannot wait for you to know my juices flowing just for you with your touch. My tongue wets my lip gloss covered lips.  My eyes shyly downward glance before relishing your beauty one more time before I take you into my arms, and you take me into your own. Falling against my body, I pull your figure into mine, our equivalently generously endowed breasts erotically bump and then squash into each other in the indescribably arousing sensation that provides us both. While the multiple sensations of our body’s closeness, the feeling of our embrace, and the emotions swirling before our first kiss, it's undeniable that there is an ignition of sensation where ground zero is centered where our tits, even through the fabric of our garments, are already making out. 

Just before our kiss we sense how immense is this moment of destiny,  I tear my body slightly away and resist your mesmerizing eyes to once again drink in the head to toe allure of the beauty of your young body, the creamy skin of your legs, the silky fabric of the sexy dress you chose for our rendezvous tonight, the brightness of your red toenail polish I don't take for granted, the round fullness of your breasts and the shy embarrassed, but wiling smile your give me as if to say "I'm ready."
"I love you Meagan," I whisper before deciding that instead of your lips, my lips will first follow the trace of my nails along the nape of your neck with a soft sucking kiss there, and then, upward my head tilts, feeling the softness of your cheek against my cheek, my eyes closed and I would love to know if yours are or not, but I keep mine shut while grazing against your lips ...closed but then inviting, melting then into yours.  My tongue warmly, wetly parting your lips and entering you softly first, then flicking and flirting its way past your teeth.  As your mouth and mine fully open each other’s, we begin the longest, most passionate, deepest kiss with our tongues warmly dancing upon one another.  I firmly hold you as I feel your knees go weak and I know that our love shown is as strong and powerful as any on earth in our rolling, velvet soft nestling.  I acknowledge your trembling desire for all we ever wanted by pulling you closer still and burying my tongue inside your mouth and twirl and curl it to preview what my tongue will be doing to your body for the next several hours of bliss. Whatever reluctance on your part I guarded myself to believe I might feel is melted by the eagerness of your soft lips passionately …hungrily …confidently kissing me back.
Moments of standing, holding, kissing, caressing become minutes of more and neither of us can then resist one another’s boobs in our exploration.  Your palm makes the initial move at first grazing against the top of my left breast, then as the tingling gives rise to the nipple against the fabric, you clutch and lift me while I feel your body shudder, remembering myself how exciting it is to first realize a woman is responding to your lesbian touch. "Oh God baby," escapes my lips and on impulse I respond with a delicate squeeze over top of your feathery soft fabric and feel your own nipple reply to my accompanying thumb and finger manipulation. 
This initial love making is dizzying and dreamy,  and appropriately gradually paced.  Soft moans fade from your lips between kisses, and my hunger for your taste and the urgency in my loins cause me to consider the ultimate purpose.  It's all I can do not to reach down and take hold of your need right there, standing by the fire in our cabin of love, but the bed in this room is only a few feet away, so pulling back from that urge seems right as according to script it's the perfect time to communicate with my eyes and the grasp of my hand that it's time to take this to the comforts of the king sized bed.

We walk the few steps walk towards the bed hand in hand , both looking down at the aged hardwood floors.   As we arrive at the side of the mattress I embrace you assuring you once again and gently turn your body towards the sidewall which has an antique mirror.  I pull you back against me, my breasts squishing into your shoulder blade, still holding your quivering body in a broiling calm before the storm of our soon to intensify lovemaking.  You and I both gaze at ourselves in the mirror and I reach under your dress to feel for the first time with my grasp the amazing softness of the creamy skin of your breast.  We both see that hunger in our eyes as I then move the dress over your shoulders and downward to expose your breasts where I now cup them, lift them, and gaze into your eyes through the reflection of the mirror.  I softly kiss the nape of your neck and then your shoulder while viewing the beauty of the two of us in sapphic immersion of one another’s arms. . Your dress then slithers downward and off your butt, revealing you, like I, also chose to forego the panties for this night as concession that they are needless.  The dress, beautiful as it was on you, is just a beautiful lying defeated at your feet. At first you shyly don't look at your nudity in the mirror, gazing downward and eyes closed while my arms envelop your waist and my soft kisses simmer into your soft dark hair and my lips once again land against the skin at the back of your neck.  I, on the other hand can hardly close my eyes to blink because I am so enamored by your womanly beauty in the reflection.  My kisses are working their magic upon and your eyes lift upward to meet mine in the mirror, and you glance up and down at the vision of us, me holding your naked body with your divine shape, plentiful breasts, and perfectly perky nipples.  Then you gently tilt your head to lay back against my chest so lovingly looking upward but out into the air of the cabin, yielding further to my kissing and sucking on your shoulder and neck.   
I linger in the loving empowerment of your trusting comfort, then disengage the embrace to peel my own dress downward, ignoring that I may be denying you the delight of undressing me because I am sensing our bodies are primed for a rapid escalation of our passion. I feel and see you blush at the  exposing of my boobs to the warmish air of the musty scented cabin, and then, down to the floor I step out of my dress and swiftly once again embrace you.  Now my naked breasts are against your warm back while I cup and massage yours in front of me. As I feel you become wobbly at the increasing intensity of our union, I spin you towards me and bring my hands to your face to softly stroke your cheek.  I see such trust and love in your eyes before your look of determination requires a sensitive kiss of our solidarity.    A moment of truth that we go forward more together than ever with our illuminated naked bodies becoming a symbol of our souls that are every bit as exposed as our skin.
In bed I roll you into my arms and I hold you childlike against my shoulder while I think that nothing has ever felt so right against my bare chest than the weight of your arm and head as I stroke your hair and enjoy your warm body as we just enjoy being so close for a few moments as a prelude to the steaming eruptions we are about to embark upon. So much these moments of just stroking and cuddling and not rushing things and you falling against my body so naturally are validation of the destiny of this night. As I pepper soft kisses in your hair, feeling the goose bumps rise as I stroke your arm, and forgive you for not wanting eye contact for the moment in the building of the bond between us and our nude, slightly chilled to the air, but oh so warmed to each other’s skin in desire. I rejoice in the complete oneness of our togetherness.
Slowly, slowly, slowly, I grasp the suppleness of your breast, and you immediately reciprocate to mine, as if we were both waiting for the time to be right, or as if you want permission to proceed for what you are now ready for. You look up and I see the want in those angelic eyes, whispering “it feels so good."  We move to adjust our position, and I can’t resist those luscious lips again and we begin to make out, first with me towering over you and you on your back, but then we shift downward in the bed until we are side by side again and arms draped over sides and stroking and including one another’s breasts and ever straining stiff nipples and with eyes engrossed in each other’s patient and forgiving gaze.  Your every eye contact, breath, sound, and motion is beckoning me to go on and take you…your every minute signal empowering me to further drive our experience as our sexual fires rage. I sense you are urging me to pick up the pace, as I too know the moment when the slow passion of building our desire becomes a kindled need that cries to be doused.  
Slowly lowering my head to your full, melon size breast, I gulp in a cherry nipple and thrill to its response against my tongue and lips. After you had told me so many times that you didn't understand the attention boys gave your breasts, I knew that I was changing all that when you again began a soft moan and clutched my head against your bosom.  From your breast upward to your neck to suck softly, then back down to between your boobs to make a choice between the left or right, engaging them with my hands and mouth and looking upward and making fleeting glimpses of eye contact in ecstasy, yours for the way I was making love to you, and mine for the pleasure I feel in your responding desire magnifying with every touch of my tongue.  
However we have gone this far with my restraint , I abruptly reach down to invade your vagina knowing  how wet it would be.  I am very very slow in fingertip rolling through the soft hair before finding your slippery lips and entering you with my index finger. Oh so gently and softly, knowing you have never been touched by a woman and furthermore...never been touched by ANYONE who wanted your pleasure to unfold as much as I did, I revel in the response of your body towards my touch, feeling your stomach muscles clench and your toes point downward before your legs spread as they are naturally inclined to do in welcoming fashion.
There are these times when it’s apparent that the way you might orgasm becomes a choice we are about to make.  Though it wouldn't have taken much for the fingers to rouse the first rumbles and coaxing cries of the agony of ecstasy, we both know how much I want you in my mouth, and now, very quickly.  My passionate kiss again, with the deepest tongue possible is my signal that it was time for both of us to know this ultimate pleasure for both of us.  One expression to never be forgotten for the head to toe chill it gives me is the sound of your voice, moments after sucking on your tongue, saying “suck it,” in such a way that I knew you mean your tongue again, but dually mean your pussy. 
Working my way down I go kissing and gently sucking and stroking while you lay there absorbing this and awaiting my imminent arrival at your pleasure center.  I overshoot the ultimate target on purpose to slide my tongue over your thighs, then upward around your vulva, and admiring the sight and smell so close to my eyes and the first taste so close to my lips and my tongue. The gentle fingertip massage upon your thighs prompts you to relax, and I gently part those legs a bit more with each squeeze of your muscles.
I am looking up at your sweet eyes avoiding mine, looking off to the side and bracing for my arrival. How beautiful and sweet your face is before this penultimate moment of when you first receive oral gratification by a woman who knows more than anyone how to lavish orgasmic pleasure and gets ultimate gratification doing it such as I.  There simply can be no individual on the planet that enjoys giving head and feeling a beautiful girls response more than I do, and you fully know this from our conversations.   Aware as we are of all that is happening, the reality of the moment is about to happen.

My tongue grazes your clit and my thumb parts you to expose it fully so beautiful to my sight in the soft firelight. It is simply the most beautiful vagina I have ever been close to, and my blood is surging.  My tongue fully licks from the bottom of your opening, upwards drinking in the moisture and arriving at your easily revealed clit to twirl and tickle and begin to lick. My cheeks are against your labia and with my tongue tip I feel your clit engorge more fully.  That is such an amazing testament of love for the moment.  I take it fully between my lips and gently suck for a moment as simultaneously I reach up to remind your nipples that my thumb and forefinger have certainly not forgotten the rest of your body.  I lovingly gently pinch and allow my nail to scratch and graze you and enjoy the fulfillment of creating your nipple erection there.  But I fully am compelled to completely engage into what I am embarking upon, and that means reaching up for a pillow to place underneath your buttocks and then to pull you closer to my mouth, while the other hand will be engaged in either fingering inside, or spreading your lips and pulling your clit upwards for me more fully. You are looking down at me and making eye contact some now as I begin what you and I will enjoy for the next more than an hour. You already know that once I start I don’t want to stop, and I am about to thoroughly examine every single possibility of pleasure that can be caused by my finger, lips, tongue, mouth and palms. 
I want you to find a piece of heaven in this, as I will, feeling your reaction and the wonder of the wait now being over.  I know all this foreplay has your pussy pulsing (and so is mine despite the only stimulus being me grinding into the mattress.)  Moaning "Meagan" into your muff in response to the cries of my own name so lovingly being involuntarily offered. I know from what you have said that you are a quiet lover, so I am appreciative for each noise of letting go. 
Soon your body signals it could wait no longer, the rapid back and forth tonguing and my head back and forth ...gasping for air between the stiff strokes of my tongue on your stiff clit when the rapture comes.  Accepting me when I use this technique, I am rather rigorous in the final stage before the first explosion, and it’s the way I lick and suck you that causes you to lose control while all emotions unravel as well as I so want this first with me to be the best you have have known, thus I am pulling out all stops.
My finger against your lips, entered just a bit and tickling, and my mouth, lips and tongue sucking you  and furiously and feverishly causing you complete a quaking, hips jabbing into me, cries of joy filling the room orgasm.  You know me well enough to know that this explosion is your gift to me.
For the next hour we surprise ourselves in how we continue to top the last orgasm with the next one ever stronger. My tongue darts and flicks and changes directions again and again, and each time you respond as though it’s brand new.  I never tire of creating your pleasure as one plays an instrument, stroking and teasing and feeling your body begging for more, sometimes in your beautiful, breathy, moaning sexual voice.  I bring you off several times with my mouth, and come up long enough to kiss you and then finger you to a mammoth one while I suck on your nipples and your fondle my breasts as I grind against your hip.
We reach mutual exhaustion and nothing has ever felt more true and right.
The impact of the expressions of your pleasure is immense, and as I come up from your final orgasm to passionately kiss with you again, each of us now more comfortable with our making out and cupping and massaging each others breasts as our tongues twist together.  Your chest is sweating and as I look into your eyes, there is a bead of sweat upon your forehead that I instinctively kiss to absorb the moisture.   I too have some perspiration that I imagine reflects the firelight as you look at me, and as deeply as you can, you peer into my eyes to tell me with utmost sincerity within the innocence of your inexperience, that you want to go down on me now. 
I flip onto my back in the bed and pull you upon me from my left side, and your shorter stature body climbs upon me to begin to kiss my neck, gently nibble my earlobe, and move your mouth downward to the thickness of my nipples.  I love the sight of you sucking on them, making them stiff and hard and long between your lips and against your gentle teeth.  My arms around your shoulders and stroking your back is my way of loving you and expressing the pleasure you are giving me with your mouth licking and sucking me and the comforting weight of your body so close to me.   For this being your first time with a woman, the years of fantasy and our long late night talks are perhaps giving you confidence and ability because your hands and mouth are a bit surprisingly very very good.  Your tweaking my sensitive nipples and creating all-encompassing tingles have me believing you are sincerely attempting to prove your love for me with your accomplished technique, and it is like you have known my body and it’s preferences all your life.  When your kisses down my body arrive between my legs, I see you looking longingly at my glistening with excitement pussy while your fingertip traces around my lips, around and in my hair and downward to my slightly ticklish thighs before re arriving at my pussy again, where you moan “it’s so soft” as your fingertip touch becomes the palm of your hand pushing upwards and more commanding motion causes the tingle down there for me to turn into a sensation where my blood runs as hot as steam and the sensation becomes very quickly pre orgasmic from the combination of your touch and the observation of your beauty and the blistering chemistry between us and the sweltering atmosphere in the flickering light within our cabin of love.

Your mouth has its first kisses and your tongue has its first licks around and into my crevice.  Your exploration is not nearly enough for what I need, but I know if I can be patient I am going to be rewarded.   It may sound out of place, but I whisper “play with me” as your tongue trails slowly, so slowly around my wetness while you leave no fold of skin unexplored with the tip of your tongue.  Then you purposely arrive at my clit and your tongue scrubs against me with electrifying results as I accept with restraint a few deliberate flattened tongue strokes before I involuntarily shudder, lunge against you and moan “oh my god baby.”  You moan back into me and continue your expert encouragement of my quickly building orgasm.   I try to lay back and calm myself, to let us both just enjoy how all this feels, but your whipping tongue keeps causing cries of disbelief at how good you are making my pussy feel. 

Then your tongue descends from my clit and you dig into me hard and deep.  I feel it so good inside me warm and just the perfect amount of pressure against me where I am so hypersensitive.  I know that as your tongue opens me, that’s when the gush of my desire sometimes only leaks out, but tonight I can literally feel it pouring out of me and onto your mouth, lips, and tongue.   I feel it running down my buttocks and your hand supporting me there massages me and then all at once you slide two fingers into me while your mouth goes straight back to attack my clit with your swirling tongue.  “You’ve got this,” I whimper as I feel no need to apologize to you or warn you that you are about to feel every bit of love I can give you as a woman.  Perhaps in learning from what I’ve done to you, your shake your head rapidly back and forth, your lips surrounding my clitoris and your tongue directly on it, and I detonate with an outburst of “Oh my” moans and unstable and out of control writhings and clutching upon your head and shoulders as the vibrations rattle the bed, and even the floorboards beneath us.

Your mouth stays gentle with me as I come down, and you blow soft warm air on me and stroke me dove-like and tenderly while your eyes are buried from my sight into my left thigh.  When my rapid breathing finally slows to a normal rate and I let out a big sigh, you struggle upwardly in the bed to lay against me close and I wrap my right arm around you to pull you close.

“I have something to tell you Brenda,” are the first words for either of us.  “ok ..what ?”   “I don’t think there’s any doubt now ..I am a lesbian.”  “You are ?...just like that ?”   “I’ve been waiting for you my entire life.  I couldn’t love you more.”

All of the sexual euphoria becomes background to the flood of emotions triggered at that admission.

“I love you too…and I always will.”

You reach downward and pull the hood back from around my clit and have me ready to begin a new round of passion and desire and for all the hours we have together, we explore all that we can know of each others bodies minds and souls. 

 Please leave a comment with a rating of how much or how little you liked it, with constructive criticism if you please.   I think I am ready to submit this for publishing.  If you really love it, share it on FB or twitter. 


Lesbian Threesome Fantasy Moment

Lesbian Threesome (fantasy)

I have been in the middle for sometime and am just letting them focus on me for awhile.  Each of them touching me in their own way and sometimes looking at each other.  I focus on one with eyes intent on telling her how good she is making me feel, while at the same time, even though my eyes can't see her, I feel the gaze of the other one on me...on us...awaiting her turn for my affection.

At some point, the bliss occurs for me to describe here.   The woman on my right has her breast upon my arm while she kisses my neck and massages my pussy through my panties. At the very same time the woman on my left has her tongue in my mouth, and is expertly kneading my nipples.   Up comes the hand from my pussy and for a moment I have two women on my breasts with their own hand.  Then, as the next hand dips below to finger me upon my panties, both women dip their heads to each suck on my nipples. 


Best of AKD A Lifetime of Found Lesbian Erotica (Nice Girls Don't Say Porn)

Reflections of a Lifetime of Found Lesbian Erotica (Nice Girls Don't Say Porn)

I have wanted to write this for awhile. My usual forte is 1st person fantasy and story writing. But today, what I am writing about is porn. I am sorry, did I say porn ...EROTICA ! Ok...porn ...hey either way is fine. Specifically, it's about how much women are enjoying pornography and maybe a little bit about why that may be. (I hear it whispered even in the most conservative of a workplace) This post is also about what I might like in porn, and what I definitely do NOT like in porn, and those opinions come with the disclaimer that of course my opinions may not reflect the opinions of the producers of this website....and I think porn is like music, art, food or anything else that requires preference ..>EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT TASTES. But, one of my big reasons for writing about this subject is to see if there are others who think the same as I do. I am going to start with my personal history with porn for perspective, but what I really want to express are the things that both attract and repulse me.

Let's start with this. NICE LADIES DO NOT WATCH PORN...its been like that since the start of time when OG was drawing on his cave. He drew is mate with bigger boobs then she had, pulled on his club, and when cave woman saw it and went "thats disgusting, what do you call that?" Og said, "Porn," and cavewoman called it "erotica" and asked og if he had anymore stashed away in another cave. (I saw this on a History Channel documentary) I DO believe that there is a difference between PORN and (whisper softly and sexily) erotica. VAST difference. But also, truth is, women will say that they enjoy erotica, and what they mean is words and images that get them off ...or at least begin the process. I have to say that as I write this blog post which is all about porn, two things strike me as both equally true, yet are diametrically opposing statements.
1-I don't really watch much porn.
2-I think I watch too much.

So ..I can't be an expert on this subject ...this is just a personal accounting.

I started masturbating to orgasm at a very early age. Earlier, I understand, than most. I am sorry if that bothers anyone ..it just happened accidentally while making out with a pillow (I blogged this experience) . It wasn't like I said, "ok..today Im going to make myself come," cause I didn't really know what coming was til that moment. In fact, I had read the word orgasm and believed that an orgasm was when you got wet and throbby . Yeah ..I was wrong about that one. Imagine my surprise when IT happened ...numb all over ..what was that ?
..and once it happened, it was never going to stop. ( I see...you can relate?) So, it may seem I was seeking out materials of an adult nature at an early age, but no apologies for how this fascination developed. Nuff said.

My experience with porn/erotica begins at a very early age and was in various forms. At the age of 12 I was allowed to stay up late and watch things on the cable channels that my mom might not have approved of ...Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 weeks comes to mind as exciting me, and I remember staying up to watch "The Hunger," specifically to watch the lesbian scene I had heard about. We had Cinemax for a short time while I was in High School, and when mom was certainly asleep (snoring) I would watch the soft core "classics" on that fine channel. Oh it was just absurd ...but I was probably a little obsessed at the time. LOL. I remember being sooo dissapointed some times when the movie would go the whole way and there wouldnt be a single lesbian scene. Like I had almost wasted time.

Also in the early teens I had a friend named Billy who had a knack for acquiring contraband. He shared with me and a few others (I was the only girl in the group) beer, pot, once even lended to me (I never returned them)five Penthouse magazines. Each one had a lesbian scenario ...but of the 5, only one really "did it" for me, ...it was about mannakins coming to life and making love. The reason that this one in particular "did it" for me, (by did it, I would conservatively estimate about 30 orgasmic sessions with this magazine specifically LOL) was that the women in THAT one, as opposed to the other magazine scenarios, seemed to be really "doing it," as opposed to posing for pictures. That sets the stage for alot of what I want to write about.

Also, the magazines had something called Penthouse Forum, which was 1st person stories from guys who boinked their secretary etc. Probably 2 or 3 from women. There were about three that included lesbian stuff, but none really believable ..and in fact, some of it was laughable. Through high school, every guy I befriended or dated knew all about Penthouse forum, and I think because I knew about it too and could make fun of it as they did, it helped me in the "cool" department. But the main reason I mention it here, is because I started typing out my own erotic scenarios in my early teens ...terrified that the floppy disc for my creations on my Apple II E might be discovered. The now destroyed discs contained the first expressions of what I continued today on my blog, but not being able to keep them in my possession at all times terrified me that they may be discovered. I was writing my lesbian fantasies in my teens. (Neither the discs, nor the magazines,nor the pot for that matter, all of which I hid inside the box of a "The Game Of Life" box in my closet were never discovered by Mom---whew)

Another place I found erotica and porn was when I used to babysit. In my apartment complex, I was on a babysitters list, which meant that I was called to quite a few apartments to sit, and after the little ones were in bed, I discovered that almost all of the grow ups I was sitting for had adult literature either in plain view, or easily found. I enjoyed "The Joy of Sex," for it's illustrations, and pulp fiction titles which I would skim until I found the "good parts." I would masturbate to orgasm ...but never once came close to getting caught by my "employers." Might have made for a good story though, and yes, I DID fantasize about the couples and moms that hired me. More than once though, I would have my orgasm seemingly minutes before they came home, so some close calls.

Finally, from my teens, Billy, in my senior year, had a VHS of only lesbians. Although I was sure I was at least bisexual throughout my teens, I had yet to have my first F2F experience. I did own a vibrator, (another thing mom never found). While I felt awkward asking to borrow the tape from Billy, knowing I might be teased , I didn't care. I stayed home from school and spent a complete day with the video, my first experience with an all lesbian hard core video. I blogged about that too and as it turns out, it is the most visited archive page on my blog, which i am sure has nothing to do with the fact the the title contains the words multiple orgasms, first lesbian video...well maybe a little bit. But that day in high school (or skipping school) was the most self indulgent of my entire life. I can remember that day like it was yesterday ...it seemed everytime I thought I had had my last orgasm, another one would surely build. It was an amazing day ..and a sore day after.

Is the COMPUTER now known as the BIG PORN MACHINE ? I thought these things were to make our life easier. Seems a little disproportionate.

Since those formidable years I have seen only a few DVD's of hard-core xxx , so I won't be able to comment much on that, but the thing that changes everything is the computer. When it was about dial up and AOL chatting on the computer, I sought out, and saved on floppy discs and on the hard drive, hundreds of images of women in passion. In the past few years of broadband, I have found a few free places to find video. I hunt and search and google for real lesbian images and stories and vids. Yes they are all over, but what is really worth it ? I believe I have gotten very very finicky as I have aged. Two girls just going at it does not do it for me and hasn't for a long time. Why should a woman demand so much from erotica ...and how ridiculous to expect it to be intimate. ITS PORN For goodness sake. The only thing it wants to be to me (or the producers and actors and writers want anyway) is for me to cream and come. Seems so simple right ?

And so, thats the full circle I guess of my history with erotica. ...perhaps yours is more, less, or about the same. I know I will get the email " WAYY TMI girl !!!" I am curious ...you can easily find stories of ones history of sex ...but ...history of ones personal masturbation and erotica ?? Now honestly, that's something I would be curious about ..but maybe that makes me such a big nerd.I soooo want to be the fly on the wall ...but thats another blog post. :)

So, now you can see that I have seen, while not everything, alot. But maybe, not enough LOL. But in lesbian erotica and porn, there are things that I definitely seek out, and don't find enough of. And there are, MOST DEFINITELY, things I encounter that I simply cannot stand. Let me start with those ..and let me know if you feel the same or not.

My Lesbian erotica / porn Pet Peeves.
1-Number ONE --Women who give passionate fellatio to dildoes, strap ons, and vibrators. Oh yeah, I think when I watch this, nothing turns me on when I am with my girl more than sucking on plastic or rubber. I know there are readers who are going to tell me of their strap on experiences and that they LIKE doing this for the visual it creates between two lovers, and the thrill of the "I want to be your dirty girl," aspect that belongs sometimes in a good sexual relationship, but I still just cannot get into it and it happens in LOTS of vids ...I can almost taste the rubber. BLECH.

2- Spiked high heels in bed. Yep. I definitely understand the sexiness of her shoes ...but in bed ??? Just not practical more than a time or two in a lifetime as a novelty ...yet, their is a HIGH percentage of images and video of women who cant shed the shoes. Shoes are just in the way.

3-Everyone knows there is a camera in the room ...so its mpossible of course to ever know that true one on one intimacy is occuring because the viewer knows there is a cameraman in the room...but sometimes ...in mid vid ...in passion with a partner, a woman will just vamp for the camera. Just spoils everything for me. How can you be at all concentrating on your partner when its the camera you are making love to. why. I know..its a performance ..but ..can there be just making love ? To each other ?

4-COMPLETELY totally, unrealistically huge fake boobs. On wayyyy too high a percentage. Sorry ...

5- I know everyone is different ...comes different ...creams different ..but things I am often watching, even when it LOOKS like they are getting into each other, there is often clear evidence that the women are not wet at all, or barely so. This is soooo different than the put a towel down experiences I know of that it jarrs the senses. It makes also for a nice surprise when there is a very unmistakenly wet woman performing.

6-More of a written word thing than a vid or image pet peeve, but calling women sluts or the C word. I don't like it ..I am SORRY. While I can see the eroticism of "dirty talk," in all of it's forms, I have to say this about the word "slut" or the other one (ech) . If I want to think of myself as a slut, call my own self a slut, or whore, or the c word in the act of making love, then there is, I think, erotic value in that and it might turn me on. I think I can call myself that all I want, IF I want. It might turn me on, and turn YOU on to know it does. However, you can almost NEVER CALL a woman a slut and have it be complimentary. It is soooo derogatory to describe a woman as a slut in either the title of a vid or the description in a story, and I question it's use within the context of a scene, although there are some exceptions. But, by and large, calling women "sluts," right from the get go will end my connection with the writer or producer of the vid or website instantly.

7-Kiss Kiss and straight to the toys. I don't know ...Hey, I realize I am writing a post for a world of lesbian readers who know alot more about lesbian sex than I certainly yet understand, but, I doubt anyone can have me believe that the elapsed time between first kiss and grabbing the vib is less than two minutes on a regular basis in most lesbian sexual relationships. Yeah, I know, perhaps there are time constraints in the shooting of the video ...but it comes across to me as passionless, and without intimacy.

8-Fake orgasms ...dont ask me how we know ..but we know. Do we ever know.

(would have been great for this to be a top TEN list, but I ran out of things ...maybe someone will help fill out the list to 10, or maybe more)

OK ..thats the things I peeve on. Things that I look for and don't see enough.

1-Reality --Period.

2-Dry (wet) Humping. Vids portray dildos and vibs as the instrument of pleasure 90% more than thigh, palm, and bump grinding. Making out and tribbing are so rarely portrayed and its a shame for my tastes. Even before I was with women, I did ALOT of dry humping with guys, and passion builds that way, as opposed to just turning on a switch.

3-Deep meaningful kissing

4-Meaningful embracing

5-How about a little freaking EYE CONTACt every once in a while.

6-Sincere, or sincere looking love, or even LIKE of each other.

7- Hell, I will say it....How about just once we hear "I love you." "I love you too."

So ...I will say that the things that get me off on the internet are hard to find. Free images, vids, erotic stories and first person lesbian erotica like what I write, and the possibility that the actresses just might have been into each other and the moment enough to make LOVe, not performance. Again ..IM CHeAP ..so I am talking free stuff...I know that abby winters stuff has alot of what I am saying I am looking for ..I have found some decent stuff on tube8, and of course, literotica for erotic stories ....once in a blue moon something nice will surface on youporn, but I have to tell you that the one place I surprisingly find a good deal of erotica is on one of the most family friendly sites ...YOUTUBE. I know you never see nudity, but thats not the point. Sometimes I find real, passionate, desirable, unrehearsed and spontaneous (looking) kissing, making out, and foreplay. It gets me flowing for whatever vib im about to reach for....if I'm not skipping the vib by reaching somewhere else.

I think what it comes down to is this. Something I have said to many a chatroom friend where I feel I can be so.

HONESTY is a powerful aphrodesiac!

Now, thanks for reading what I had to say here. I would love to know what you think, what you've found, what you agree or disagree with, and I would completely entertain anyone who just wants to shout at me, "GET A LIFE," because after all, in the big picture, just how important is the search for good , free, lesbian porn ...im sorry ..EROTICA ..on the internet.


Lesbian Car Sex

This is just a snippet from an upcoming story about my total experiences last winter with a couple of local college girls.   This is when we met for real.

I knew of a gone out of business manufacturing parking lot near where she was, and when I arrived first, it looked sufficiently abandoned and dark.  She pulled up next to my Red Kia Soul on my drivers side with her blue Honda and looked through the window to make eye contact and smile.  My heart leapt at the moment and excitement.  She stepped out and I did too into the cool Virginia late fall evening where we both should have had a coat on, but didn't.
When I met her she was more beautiful than her picture did justice. She came dressed for sex.   White American flag Tshirt off the left shoulder with no bra.  Dark eye shadow and fantastic natural lashes, and a natural and healthy look. Ripped jeans of course!  She was dressed and as wistful as her youth and exuberance would allow.  And I must have looked like an old school marm to her, with my glasses and hair tied back in pony tail, jeans skirt (same jeans skirt I had worn before to meetings like this and appreciated it’s easy access” and red checker cami.

We hugged and looked at each other …told each other how beautiful the other looked.  “It’s so nice to finally meet you.”  All the typical preliminaries before I said “I’m freezing …wanna get in my car ?”
In my car I told her I thought we were safe here in the parking lot and we began some small talk, as the intention was not to have sex but just meet.  After all, I didn’t think in only having “20 or 30 minutes” as I had made clear to her was all I had to spend with her was enough to do anything but frustrate us.  But I grasped her hand and looked into her eyes and had no words, and she lifted my hand directly to her left breast. 
“These seats lean back right ?”
“Yes but…”
“Put your seat back….”
I waited about 10 seconds trying to come up with a protest, though I didn’t want to, and said “this is happening fast.”     I looked in her eyes and she was dead serious.  So I undid the button and leaned back the seat…and as the seat was reclining she pounced upon me.  

And like a cat pouncing, she rolled over onto my seat

Warm lips on my neck giving me chills and full body thrills with her tongue and slight but unbruising suction on my skin below my earlobe and down to the nape, and curling to the most sensitive back of my neck when my head moved forward to encourage her there.
Under my shirt her hands went swiftly and under my bra to begin gently pulling on my stiffening nipples.  Real “oh god” moments expressed verbally and within a minute I was moaning ….like middle of the sex act moaning.
“Unbelievably hot” she whispered to me.  She groaned “love these tits…love them.” 

She kissed me probably harder than I’d ever been kissed by a girl ..aggressive, deep tongue, firm lock between our wide open mouths.  If I’d ever been ready for a taste of my own medicine in this department, kissing me this way gave me lots to think about …asking how the women I’ve kissed this way must have felt.  It devolved at her discretion to something more soft and sensuous, but she was asserting her control on me in every way, and I was too excited not to keep submitting.

I could sense she was going to finger me any moment and while I was clutching at her shoulders, her arms, her back and saying “you can’t be comfortable, “ “I’m ok,” in between panting, down me and under the skirt she went.  For a split second I was thinking I might not be wet because we had virtually just started making out, but when she slid my panties to the side and stroked my lips I could tell I was slippery as ever.  

What happened next is virtually indescribable.  She fingered me in the most amazing way.  Right hand working me below, left hand working my breasts, and I really cannot describe exactly WHAT she was doing to me down there, but it was far and away the best fingering I ever had or imagined.   She spread my lips and twirled around my clit, entered me with one finger and used her thumb in a rotating fashion.  Electric shocks were happening where it was so good, tickled a little, but drove me into the seat of the car like nothing else. “Oh gawd you know what you are doing,”   “Just enjoy it baby,”   “But I need you ..need your pussy in my mouth so much,”   “Shhhh …just let me give you this …I know you need it,”  “Yes I need you,” “You need me…yes,” she said and I exploded so suddenly and completely that I screamed and cried into her shoulder, convulsing and shaking the whole car and rocking her body on top of me.  

Just sat there bewildered for a moment while she grunted into my neck with soft kisses. I thought, “how does anyone become that skilled with their fingers?”   I believe there were tears in my eyes when I looked at her and said “that was so good ….how will I ever get over that?” 

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