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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


The Award For Best Lesbian Porn Clip Goes To ....

 Yeah..maybe I will do a whole award series ???  OK LOL. 
Clip:  Unknown Movie (is there a shazam for lesbian porn ?)
Actresses: again unknown (Lil Help ?)

Length:  About 40 minutes
Akiss2desire Rating -Highest - 3 orgasms per 40 minute clip and the need for a bath or shower afterwards.

The thing about lesbian porn...and folks, I have seen ALOT of it, is that it's very very rarely unscripted or truly amateur, the two things I am most attracted to.  I go to a specific site and check back way too often only to be dissapointed.  It's not that a fakey, plastic boobed girl in high heels can't sometimes get me off ...even when I know that there are production values to be attained with a multi camera crew, soundman, director and more ....no less than a dozen I would believe taking away any intimacy (love to hear from someone in the business to comment on this). 

Having said that ..wow...FOUND ONE that got me off in so many ways.  As I always say, the purpose of this blog is not to be a porn aggregate...there are enough of those.  But for the girls I am truly trying to reach with this thing, I hope if you are inclined to lady lovin on video, you will check out this recommendation and let me know what you think.

Sorry for the spoilers ..but it seems to truly have an interesting (to me) plot with realism in the story.  An 18 year old is caught masturbating through the window of the cabin by moms friend.   She is beautiful with smallish breasts and delicious looking and fully erect nipples ..and god forbid in 2012 ...has NOT shaved herself.   Natural in every way, I am taken by her.   She is masturbating while looking at a picture on her phone (done that !) and it turns out, it seems to be a picture of the woman who catches her masturbating.  But, in the plot, she never reveals she saw this. 

There is a slow, steady attraction bulding and chemistry buildup within the plot.  Everytime you think it's going to get really "porny" during this, it doesn't.  Feels very natural.  To note something ...the best seductions are mutual, and in this seduction, the 18 year old wants to be taken and lures the ..shall I say MILF (I think thats the first appearance of that acronym on this blog)  while the older lady sure has her own methods of seduction to the 18 year old, which has the viewer in delight as it's clear everyone wants the same thing...but the pacing is scrumptious.

Now to the part where I went from just enjoying this on my own and deciding to reccomend it here.  There is a part where the two finally get to making love, where the older woman is demonstrating exquisite technique ...that anyone watching knows if you were being made love to by that woman ..yes...definitely a big boobed high heel wearing porny sexy pot, I'll give you that ..but her technique on the girl, presumably her first time...is so good in the kissing and licking downward ..finding wonderful place after wonderful place to stimulate with her lips and tongue,   Further down, when tongue hits clit, the young girls chest goes beet red flush ....and does it more the better the tonguing gets.  I don't see this often, and is the primary sign of my own when I am turned on.  I once got caught cheating on a boyfriend in my teens because with the redness of my chest I could NOT deny that something was going on when he returned unexpectedly.   I suppose all women exhibit some signs of t heir blood rush, but I've not known anyone to get as red and "splotchy" as I get during sex ...and almost never do I see it on a vid.  But here is our lesbian virgin clearly getting turned on in a way that can't be acted.    Further indications of the purity of the lesbian sex scene are when the young girl GRIPS the older ones hands as the level of intensity rises. The virginis toe curling orgasm is  R E A L. (though I suspect most lesbian orgasms on film are real while the straight ones I believe are universally faked) And while I never forget in these things that the crew is there and the director is telling them what to do ...these two are having a great time...and dare I say a "moment" together while collecting their paycheck.  And while I mostly am into this from the sincerity of the younger lass, the big boobed porny glamour girl is totally real in her actions. Her breast kisses are  real, her belly licks are real, her mouth work is incredible, her additional finger after the first orgasm is perfect, her thigh kisses, back of knee kiss, and attention to feet and toes are all very real and very very much forgotten aspects of lesbian pornography. 

Then, with personal familiarity, after exhuasting herself on her lover, the older girl comes up and hangs her boobs on her younger lovers face.  Count me in on that technique ...its usually how I go from my "stay down and enjoy me eating you," way of doing things to "ok ...if you are willing it's my turn," where the level of willingness will come forth in exhibition of how she treats my hanging tits.  In our movie clip, the younger lady shows her appreciation with gusto.
The younger one has a pussy eating scene which really looks great and for awhile has me convinced it's maybe the first or one of the first times she's done it as she settles in on one lap licking technique and it appears she may be learning the ropes until she does the "porn girl spit" which causes me to recoil for a moment ...and if I was thinking that the older woman didn't fully get off, I am shown to be perhaps right about that when the older woman, after a putting on a clinic in lesbian "no strap on" doggy style,  humps herself off on the younger girl ...and while that is also a favorite pasttime of mine in my experiences, I certainly have never done it in the manner that is shown on the vid, a reverse back humping which does the trick for the older girl and gets my award for most unique position I have seen in a long time. (a pic of that is enclosed with this post)
We finish with really good photography of the younger womans EXTREMELY EXPERT hand and finger work ...this one needs to go into the archives as an instructional for adventerous lovers in a "how to," and in fact, in looking back, there are many teaching moments in this vid clip.  Including the finale of the two actresses who get a great scissor going on to the end of the scene...which apparently leads to another hinted at by the spying on the two by two young hiking girls.

So ...there is my porn review of a clip that for someone who is looking for the attributes of reality, beauty, sincerity and candor ..the clip I am linking to is worthy of your consideration..here at Golden Globe and Oscar nomination times ...I nominate for best lesbian clip I saw in 2012 ...this one
Major hint...on anything from this site ..for goodness sakes, expand it to full screen or you will have to put up with the DISGUSTING side advertisements, 


Dawning With Innocence- Lesbian Poetry

Dawning With Innocence
Dawning With Innocence
akiss2desire 2012
all rights reserved

I need a minute for my heart to slow
our loving souls to bloom and grow

dawning with delicacy and innocence
encompassed in this magnificence

my timid instigation
       met with liberation
             this first kiss is our foundation

the sizzle of our adulation behind closed doors
           my lips surrounding yours

lascivious  beings draping and  dressing each others undressed bodies
surfaced souls felt with each pulse and throb and seen only ...and easily ....in each others eyes

swallowing your tongue and tasting  the freckle on your necks nape
the soft skin of your shoulder and its beautiful shape
           my fingernails your skin to scrape

the hand, or mouth, or tongue...
       before the big everything

investigating each and every inch
to play, to ply, to brush, to tickle, to pinch

to soothe

as breasts converge
                             and this saphic urge
       becomes our fluid surge
...and fingers submerge

in disbelief..."that wet for me ?"
"drenched ...for us" ...I help you see

and feel

bathed in sweet sounds of each others ahhs and ohs
the giddyness felt in my mouth as your nipple arose
to scrape my teeth

a  game to create moment after moment of bliss for each other
       orgasms lead to another and another and another

                  each second with something never felt before to discover

becoming with each other an unspoiled  transcendent being
my need to feel you quiver
         my need to deliver
               shiver after shiver
                  and I'm dripping like a river

so lavish me with the taste
                                  your gush
    you will see trust
in my eyes,
and know my spilling desire on your thighs

so many places on your skin  for my fingertips
                   and intimate lips
on your back, under your breast and below
                                   ..maybe even a toe
I am the oral you dreamed of
and once I get
                       to the warm wet
can't stop
and dont want you to tell me to

my tongue slithers and twists and rides and slides
until the shaking stops and the hard breathing subsides
and the sweat and the wet and the glimmering twinkle in your satisfied eye

muscles and minds and veins can settle
as fury abates and your skin soft as a flower petal
against me tightly your arms hold
all our wants and desires consoled
the pain of the urge escaped forever from the cold


Fan Fiction - Dreams of Celebrity Delight in the Land of Make Believe

Lesbian Fan Fiction on Acid ?   Not really but I can't wait to see what you think.  Not my best, but was fun to write something in a new genre.  I drove around for the last few weeks knowing I needed to make this story all inclusive.  I hope you like it.  Let me know what you think and be honest @akiss2desire on twitter.

I'm dreaming that I am the weather girl on CNN Headline News.  In my dream I am a much younger version of myself, around 21 or so and before my marriage or my child.  It feels completely natural because I had wanted to be a meteorologist and took communications broadcasting courses at community college, but my life took a different path and I never had those dreams fullfilled.  But here I was, skinnier, cuter, younger and getting away with showing more cleavage than can usually be shown on TV.  I feel nervous but I know my routine and look out to the shadows where the Program Assistants are going over rundowns and blocking the next camera angle.  A really cute assistant comes over to pin my microphone on my blouse and can't help but brush against my breast where my nipple springs up.  I know she knows and I let the PA know with a look that I'm ready anytime she's ready.  I am clearly lesbian in my heart in this dream version of myself.
Coming back on set from  is Robin Meade from out of the blue hued shadows wearing blue jeans, which the viewers will never see under her desk, and the most georgeous leopard print top, cut low of course, and wearing pear shaped diamond earings and a wooden bead and silver necklace that just pops.    She's humming as she sits down and in the dream I WANT her to NOTICE me, and ever second she doesn't I am filled with angst.  She reaches under the desk and pulls out a box of chocolates and sensously devours a piece in one bite, rolls her eyes back in the pleasure it gives her, and finally looks over at me and motions to the box for me to have one.  I fidget in front of my green screen and smile as she knows I can't at the moment so close to air, and hope that I've made a connection to her, reminding myself not to let how starstruck I am affect my proffesional performance. 

She realizes I am the new girl and says "welcome lady ...you look like dynamite," before the floor director counts us down to air "five, four, three, and two."     Robin glides through the first stories of the day while I review my notes nervously, and I realize my CNN debut is just moments away.  Robin pauses and looks down at her notes, then over at me where I feel every bit of the heat from the studio lights and says to me," Well as we welcome beautiful, lovely Brenda to our crew, lets check the weather where half the country is going to be hot today, while the rest of the country will be wet ...Brenda, do you like it hot or wet dear ?"   I tingle and even go numb from head to toe and while aware of only the lesbian aspect of what she just said on live national TV, I go forward with the dispensing of my information.  But it's hard to concentrate because I see Robin out of the corner of my eye and she is smiling a "gotcha" practical joke smile and I completel sense my chest turning beat red...the rashy red that happens when I get really horny.  Soon my part is over and I should be proud and getting ready for what comes next but all I can think about is how Robin looked at me when she said that.  And as if I wasn't completely sure if that was a come on or not, an authoritative man scolds Robin and says "hot and wet Robin...WAY over the top ...way too much flirting..we aren't going to do that," and Robin playfully replies, " but she's cute Jerry," and he says "too much ..can't go there Robin ...never again!"   He's serious and so is Robin when she says "FUCK YOU JERRY!" and apparently with all taping finished for the time being,  she motions to me to come with her and says "Brenda...chocolate ..best you ever tasted."

Next in the dream I am in her dressing room and wanting sex right there and then.  She wants me equally and wastes little time getting to it.  She's changing in front of me and exposing her beautifully shaped natural breasts.  I hunger for her slightly puffed nipples, and as she turns and faces me, it seems we all know where we stand.  Somehow she wants me and I can't wait to make love with her.  "Youve no idea how hot I get seeing a topless woman in jeans."    "So, does that mean you want to suck on these ?" and I move towards her as if I am obeying a command from my lifetime leader. 

Her nipple slides into my mouth and I gather my arms around the soft skin of her back to run my nails down towards her jeans.  Stroking her there and sucking her nipple, I feel her knees weaken and she tils her head so I can feel her soft long hair brushing against my cheek. "Oh Gawd your tits, they're perfect," and she reaches under my blouse where she lifts and squeezes my breast and says "no lady, I love YOUR tits," and her touch feels SO good. 

I am starting to wonder how much time we have and how wet I am making her, for I know damn good and well how hot I am getting, and it just feels so natural to be making love to one of my idols.   A sharp rap on the door and someone yelling "five minutes Ms Meade," startles us both, but Robin is so together and so in control . Taking my hand and putting on her pussy, her jeans have vanished, and she sits on a love seat in her office and says "think you can beat the clock ?"   I eagerly hit my knees and delve into her thighs to kiss and lick towards her pussy accented by soft feathery hair as a landing strip.  Her clit is stiff and her lips are juicy and I go into my rapid finger, tornado tongue licking and lips surrounding her clit sucking enthusiastic love making with my mouth.  She shudders and begins to climax almost immediately while gasping ," come on sunshine ...dont stop baby ...on gawd sunshine that's it ..I'm coming ! " and I feel the warmth and wetness trickle down my tongue. 

I sleep while still on my knees and when I wake up I am still on my knees and slowly tonguing a pussy that I know I have made come ...in my minds eye ..my "dream minds eye" I have drivin this pussy I am licking to a half dozen orgasms and we are in a slow it down mode before we pick it back up.  I look upward and see ...not Robin Meade, but Hayden Panettiere, who is looking just about passed out with pleasure, wearing a cute pink bra, and I look over and see what appears to be an awards show caliber dress on the floor.  Weirder still is the fact that I am fully clothed strangely   in gym shorts and a white tshirt which shows my tits completely through.  I'm aching and wanting to be touched by her and nothing  feels different or wrong about the way my subconcious has switched my lover in the snap of a finger.  

My dilemma with her is that I don't know what she wants, and so that gets answered when she pulls me up by my shoulder towards her and guidees me on top of her.  I am no longer in my early 20s and in fact am worried I am going to get caught doing something I shouldnt be.  We are in her hotel room, which appears huge to me, and I begin to mouth her neck and kiss her earlobe.  She writhes about beneath me, but just appears out of it.   I start to remove her bra and she tells me "don't ...I'm not ready," and while I clearly don't know what she means by that, I just kiss her harder and deeper and she responds by grinding her hips up against me with strength ...meaning I can feel her thighs muscles tense and her grinding is more like thrusting with power.

Although its not the way I have ever made love, something tells me to grab her hair and pull it gently ..actually a little harder than gently ...and she thrust hard against me from underneath and says "good ?"  Apparently my response to her isn't enthusiastic enough because she pounds into my vagina with her hips and more demandingly asks " GOOD?"...she looks a bit mad but softens when I cry with pleasure 'oh yes yes yes."  Soon we are grinding and my pussy is throbbing and ready to come and her eyes are determined to send my soul to oblivion.  I am about to come when I start to think we aren't alone ...like I am being watched ...and sure enough, my dreaming subconcious has now put a man in a rocking chair with an obnoxiously enormous cock beating himself off.  I think for a moment I might go suck him, but Hayden has my complete attention..where I pull her hair slightly harder and she fucks her hips into me harder and it all feels so good and so right.  I let go of her hair and RIP her bra off releasing the front hook and exposing silky, creamy, very young looking small boobs with cherry red nipples so stiff and now I realize her chest is heaving with every breath and she is covered with sweat.  I bend down to take her nipple into my mouth, and she grunts and thrusts into me yet again which is where my blinding orgasm starts. Im screaming and crying out with pleasure when I look over to the man and his dick starting to come ...which in the dream grosses me out and I find myself wishing I ALONE with Hayden and not in this twisted threesome.  

I am done coming and get up to go to the bathroom where when I get down an unfamilar hallway, open a door instintively and find an opulant bathroom with gold and pearl fixtures.  The shower looks good to me and I strip out of the shorts and white tshirt and get into the warm shower where everything feels good and smells good.  I like the soap and the shampoo and even though I have just come in the dream I am in that wanting stage where it sure isn't enough and I need some more. 

Out of the shower and down the hall with a towel wrapped around my body but no towel for my hair which is a brilliant mess, at this point in the dream I have no expectations but sure enough, in the living room, some kind of orgy is in full swing with about a dozen lovers at various places within a huge well furnished space.  In the middle of the room is a overstuffed couch where Tina Fey is laying down on her back and a woman is eating her pussy.  She looks over at me needingly, and I know what she wants without needing to ask.  The dream version of myself saunters over in disbelief while trying to process in my mind who I have already made love with, and now is my crush Tina as Liz Lemon looking like she is going to say something to crack me up but needing to come good taking precedence.  From the far reaches of the room a woman cries out in orgasmic pleasure and everyone laughs...it's my dreams perception that Tina says something funny or that there is an inside joke I am not a part of, but whatever it is, her sweet laughing smile compells me to confess "I love you," and she says with half sincerity, "well I love you too."  The faceless girl continues to eat Tina's pussy, and I easily kneel before her on the couch to begin sucking her small but firm boobs.   "yes yes ...oh gawd yes baby," tina cries out to both of us making love with her, and behind me, I feel a womans breasts against my back (my towel now off for some time) and she's cupping me from behind and caressing my shoulders with her tongue.  I never know who it is behind me but I know she is blonde and likes to use her nails against my nipples and her teeth gently sinking into my skin.  Tina is loving my mouth upon her and gives me a look that I interpret as an invitation to sit upon her face.  But I don't think I can pry free of the woman who holds me from behind cupping my breasts and scratching my nipples, so I continue to suck Tina as the surreal experience continues.  When more orgasmic cries come from elsewhere in the room, tina looks at me pleadingingly and says "I can't fucking come damnit," and I take my left hand and join the womans tongue with my middle finger upon Tina's clit and start to finger her.  It's wet ..it feels good to have the tongue licking my finger as well as Tina's clit, and after a few rapid up and down strokes against her soaking lips and stiff knob, Tina cries out loudly as well.   I gather her in my arms, suck her tits for the life of me pulling on her nipples with my lips, and ride her orgasm with her against my palm.  It ends with the girl behind me unlatching and me stroking the faceless pussy eating blonde at the crown of her skull , enjoying her soft hair between my fingers.

I am thinking wht the hell, it's an orgy, and look for another female conquest, as it felt natural to do so. Elizabeth Mitchell is an actress I have loved since Gia as her photographer lover.  These days she is in Revolution, but she was in Lost, and wherever she pops up I am sure to follow.  Her eyes are so soft and alluring and appealing to me.  And now in this marelously star studded lesbian fantasy dream, Elizabeth is there with a strap on dangling, standing by herself over near a bar.  I am dumbfounded when I realize she is wearing my white shirt, and it comes down over her ass and down to her thighs, where the strap on cock is coming out from under the shirt.  Then  I realize it's my strap on too.  No rhyme or reason how Elizabeth Mitchell has my shirt and my never used strap on, but thats what my dream has conjured and for the moment the only thought I have is to figure out how to get her to fuck me.    I head to her ...almost float to her ...disbelieving she wants me ...wondering what she will do to me if she does, telling myself I am willing and able to go along with anything she wants to do to me.   

I get to her and she asks, "are you that girl ?"  "I'm anything ...and e v e r y t h i n g  you want me to be."   I want a kiss but instead she motions me to a futon and I climb on it and get into a doggy style position to await her need.  In my mind, she needs to fuck me and I need to get fucked, even though in real life I am not big on penetration of this type.  She bangs it on my bottom and comes up behind me and cupps my hanging tits.   I think I am so wet that she won't need any lube, but as she enters me I feel the rubberiness of it and for a moment its not pleasant to me.  But soon, she is fucking me in and out in rhythm and I feel like she really knows what she is doing.  She plunges into me dozens of times and I moan and as she hangs her boobs against my back and reaches around to finger my clit while shes fucking me, I decide to fake an orgasm to be done with it.   "Oh oh gawd I am coming," and as fake orgasms go, if you ask the men who have never known, they might nominate me for an academy award.  She plops out of me and I feel the wet rubbery cock against my thigh...my nipples are extremely hard, and I just want something ...specifically I want to sit on someones face ...and I look up at Elizabeth and she is stroking her fake dong and making eye contact with an enormously endowed redhead across the room. Her huge tits bounced as she walked towards us and I thought I was Elizabeths and that the redhead was going to join US. 

It didn't turn out that way ...she gave me a look which told me she was done with me.  My feelings were hurt and I thought I was going to die, and when i am hurt, I tend to lash out , and in my dream it was no different.  I looked at the dong hanging and said "I'll take that back now."   She looked at me with a sarcastic "gotta be kidding me," look, and ripped the thing off and handed it to me.   I didn't say "keep the shirt," but I felt it.  

So with a strap on in my hand and the buckles dangling I wandered through the orgy room.  I needed to get off ..I needed more pussy in my mouth.  My mind wandered as I contemplated who next I would end up with.  I wanted to go back to the beggnining and get some more from Robin Meade, but I was in a different place with different circumstances...and like Alice in Wonderland, I had no idea what was to come next, but there was certainly nothing ordinary about all of this, even though it felt totally natural in all of it's sexual splendor and excess.

I stepped into the loops of the strap on and on a mission to find someone to fuck, I found Jenna Fischer ...the actress from The Office having her pussy eaten by Tina Fey, who was rapidly tossing her hair back and forth, with her tongue extended, gripping Jenna from her butt underneath and riding her orgasmic gyrations out.  Tinas mouth was in it deep and Jenna was writhing with her big breasts swaying as she wriggled against Tina's offerings.  "Mind of I join in ?" and as I settled in next to the laying Jenna, I laid on my side and put the dildo up against her thigh and began to enjoy sucking her erect brown nipples.  I told her I loved her natural breasts and pawed at them as I sucked . Christina Hendrick from Mad Men joined us on the other side and we each had a boob in our mouth.  Christina was fully clothed and wearing a purple dress that lifted her enormous cleavage out of the cloth.  Her eyes were flaming as much as her beautiful red hair, and as I reached across to caress her breast, I pictured myself as the four of us in full lesbian wildness...I knew it didn't feel right.  I didn't belong in this scene and started to realize it was a dream.  It started to fade away and I knew I was waking.  It was a shame because I still had a desperate need to fuck someone with that strap on, and an even stronger need to find someone to eat my pussy...and eat it good.   As I started to leave the dream state and regain conciousness I knew I could probably just finish with my fingers ...but it just was not going to be enough.  I needed more...so much more.   It all felt real, from the first young encounter with Robin Meade, to the lesbian hollywood orgy.   And now, as I awoke, it was evaporating...I just wanted to try to sleep and re enter this world my subconcious had created for me. 

I crawled into the covers and leaned back into the pillows without opening my eyes ...oh the pillow felt good.  I was aware I was panting and sweating and my pussy was throbbing.  As I started to find my pussy lips with my right hand and decide on which masturbation strategy I would employ, I felt a sweet kiss ....a feminine kiss...upon my forehead.  What ?

"Brenda...thank God I think you are going to be ok," was the sweet voice above me, and as I struggled to open my eyes I felt a cold, damp cloth on my forehead.   "What ...who...huh ?" Brenda ...it;s me ..Snow,"  and I said "Snow ..Snow White ?"  "Yes baby ...I thought I was going to lose you there for a moment."  "What ?"  "You've been under a spell ...cast by Rumplestiltskin...and for a moment I thought you were a gonner."   "A spell...I'm ..what do you,"  "Shhhhh it's gonna be alright.  Apparently, the bastard read your diaries and with his magic potion, brought your dreams to life.  And baby...you did alot of talking in your sleep." 

Snow White was above me, tending to me as one would a sick child, stroking me and tenderly loving me, and even though the forest looked black through the windows, I felt I had nothing to fear with Snow tending to my needs.  I remembered now ...in this life in another land I was a servant for Snow in the castle, and she had taken me in when the Queen had vowed to punish all those who were known to oppose her.  That put me at the top of the list, and kind Snow was hiding me until I could find a safe place to go.  Oh how I longed to tell her about my lesbian longings for her, but with the dwarves always around, or adventure always calling,   But oh how I longed for her, and apparently now, my secret was out that I was a lesbian who longed for women in Storybrooke, and now in the land of Once Upon A Time, I felt I had nothing to fear now that Snow apparently knew. 

"So, do you know what I was dreaming?"   "A little ...I know that you fancy a tart in preference to a romp with a nob...do I have that correct Brenda ?"  "Should I be frightened that this is known to you?"   "You'd be surprised ....I too have lain with the fairer sex"   "Really...I've no idea...who with pray tell ?"  "Well you know in those long times without Charmining anywhere near, Red, when I commented on her exceptionally long tongue first told me the better to eat you with my dear."

"And my needs concern my hunger as well Snow...and I don't mean porridge ...unless theres a delicious porridge between your legs." 

"I know you need your rest now ...don't talk of such things"

"No actually...I cant rest until ....ummmm."

Oh Brenda...for the feeling has been mutual ever since we met...but tis I who must twirl my tongue into your velvet glove," and for that, she could have owned me. 

I laid back and enjoyed her talented ministrations as she dove under my dress to lick and suck me to the powerful orgasm I had needed for so long.  She so knew how to make me come to the point of a shaking orgasm and cry that echoed through the forest.  She was so loving and gentle, yet perfectly skilled with her mouth and fingers to my delight.  I came and came again until she raised up into the bed and held me tenderly.  She smelled so wonderful nuzzled against my neck.  I knew I needed to go down on her, but in exhuastion knew it would be another time.  I feel asleep in Snow White's arms, and slept a sleep so deep and contented, that I had no dreams whatsoever.

Intimate Lesbian Kissing, Neck Licking, Moaning, and Desire

Has it all ... Passionate Lesbian Kiss from two women who ain't fakin ... tongue tangling ... neck kissing and moaning. Made my day ...so I will share :)

Who Should Be My Lesbian Fan Fiction Fuck ?

As long as I have been writing 1st person lesbian erotica with my own true experiences mixed with my lesbian and bisexual  fantasies, I have been tempted to give it a shot on the "fan fiction" front.  After all, "Fifty Shades Of Grey" started as Twilight fan fiction before the author realized what she had and changed the characters names and situations. 

My earliest remembarance of lesbian fan fiction came when I was in high school and enjoyed Start Trek Next Generation.  I read on a "newsgroup" (do they still have those ?) a story with Deanna Troi and Dr. Crusher making love.  Gosh it was cheezy ...however, I could TOTALLY see it in my minds eye.  Yes ...I got off ..and good.   I already had lesbian crush on both of them.   Whoever the writer was, I owe them a debt of gratitude.

So ...I think I want to give it a whirl ...we will see where it goes ..but I want to give you the chance to pick who I write about.   What I have in mind is fan fiction involving mainly straight ladies I would love to know what their reaction would be and how their orgasms would feel to me as I found my way someway or another into bed with her and turned her world upside down with my fingers, lips, hands, mouth, and tongue.  And my passion.   I remember this scene on the L word where a "groupie" was going down on renowned tennis great Dana, and looked up from between her legs and exclaimed like a giddy schoolgirl..."I can't believe I eating Dana Fairbanks pussy."    See ...I think I would be that starstruck between any of the girls I have chosen...but now I ask you to vote.  WHOSE pussy would you like for me to fantasy eat ?   LOL....  this could be fun.  Please help me out.


Liz Lemon -Tina Fey from 30 Rock - I love a girl with wit and girl next door beauty ...I'll just bet she is multi orgasmic with an easy to pull trigger.  

Robin Meade from CNN Headline News (HUGE CRUSH !)  If you watch her, you know ...oozing with sex appeal and confidence and so so so cute with outstanding taste in clothes and cleavage.  I want her on top of me...riding my thigh ...guiding my passion.   I know ..whats wrong with me ?  The news girl ?   She can say "g'morning sunshine ...been waiting for ya? " anytime to me :) 

Ginnifer Michelle Goodwin -Snow White  from Once Upon A Time  -Her soft eyes sometimes already look as though she is approaching volcanic orgasm.  I'm dying to know her sounds and vibrations when I bring her to a quaking orgasm that subsides in moments so I can twist my tongue on her button again to take her to another world.   Imagine what I can do with a  little fairytale magic in my fingertips ?

Jenna Fischer plays the adorable and slightly dour receptionist Pam Beesly on the American version of The Office.   A baby girl next door who needs some TLC after a bad day at The Office.  I want her soft, slow, and intense ...I kinda think I could get her to do anything I want.
Christina Hendrick stars in the Emmy Award winning show Mad Men on AMC. She plays Joan Holloway ...three reasons I want to fuck her ok ?   Her enormous beautiful breasts, her bountiful bodacious bosom, her teasingly titanic tits. ...can't help it ...she makes me want that so bad.

 Hayden Panettiere - From Heroes and Nashville ...don't know which personality appeals to me most.  She's been known to tangle tongues with ladies in real life ...perhaps  this young lady could teach me a thing or two. 

Elizabeth Mitchell, who is currently on NBC's Revolution.   It was ages ago when she was Angelina Jolie's lesbian lover in Gia, since then if she's on it on TV (Lost, Boston Legal, ER, The V etc) I find a reason to start watching the show.  I think she is a girl I'd let Dom me for certain ...I think I'd feel her orgasmic tremors in my soul.  She can take my strap on cherry :)

So to suggest my celebrity lesbian conquest, email at akiss2desire@gmail.com or use the comment below.  

Great Lesbian Drama - Bloomington

If you liked Loving Annabelle, you will LOVE "Bloomington".   My review is on my Just Us GRRRLS blog.  Give it some love and then watch the movie on Netflix.



Don't Be Afraid ... I'm Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian Seductress

Well, after a very long drought I have someone to cuddle with.///No thats just a different way of saying I found someone to fuck..who loves to fuck me...who I can see fucking for a long time.    She doesn't know about this blog.  She is so wonderfully beautiful and fun.  She is a bit  (decade) younger than me but we have chemistry.  As I have noted on a blog post here from long ago, I am gravitating towards being some kind of lesbian seductress.  I wrote Sonia an erotic email about our first time.  It was very personal but as I was writing of it I was thinking of this blog and how I haven't posted erotica in some time.  I hadn't had the inspiration ...until Sonia.  I can't put my letter  word for word in here, in fact some of it was apologies for the way I blindsided her with my lesbian seduction.  But what I did was take the letter and expand it and added some of the dialogue.  

 I might not keep this post on here for long ..but would love to know what you think of my new lady and the love we made.  Constructive criticism on my writing is always appreciated at 


And now we have made love ...and isn't it burned in your mind how it was ...every taste and smell and touch...our first kiss and our last thunderous orgasm.  Now our lives are changed.  It was good, no doubt, but it was also love.  And it was also really...really...REALLY good sex LOL.   Too bad we don't have a video of it ?   Well let us relive it this way so maybe you know how it was from my minds eye. I SO want to know how you feel...let me share with you how it was for me.

I had considered thoughtfully and agonized over the possibilities of acting upon my desire to make love with you, overcoming my fear of rejection, and aware of the gravity of the changes one way or another that will occur when I close in on what is hard to deny is my selfish desire to bed you and exploit the trust we have built in every other way besides sex to begin a mutually satisfying experience.   I knew for days before, and all day Saturday obsessed every moment of   our night that as much as a lifetime of experiences that ould begin for us tonight.  If you reject me, I calculate, we can perhaps salvage the friendship without too much awkwardness ...but that's not a certainty.  But my mind is made up and I reason that its going to happen ..it HAS to happen.  I've wanted you for so long.

I am playing a small game of Russian roulette with our platonic relationship as you have no idea I am going for it...attempting to seduce you.... irregardless of your lack of any lesbian experience and that we haven't really flirted yet. Long talks at lawn parties and boogieing on a dance floor after 5 Margartas doesn't a sexual relationship make.    But tonight I sit on this couch waiting for your knock on the door, knowing that the bedroom is just a few steps away, and tonight I want the sheets of that bed to be soaked with a new chapter of this longing I have had for you that could never go away without me showing you how I feel.

Although I have no way of knowing if you suspected at all that I am a lesbian so attracted to you that its become an obsession, I wonder if you realize what a load of pure  BS it is when I invited you over to cook only items that caught our eye on Pinterest .  Yes, it will be fun to hang out in the kitchen and show our creative side and dream of being TV show cooks, but when tonight is done, you will realize that the colorful fruit kabobs, the artichoke penne, and the glitter cupcakes that will be leftover for our families after this night together is done ...those things are but a mere ruse to get you close to me in range for flirtation and expression of infatuation at the appropriate time.  Now those foods in the kitchen may be part of my great diversion, but the multiple glasses of yellow tail that I won't quit refilling ought to be my dead giveaway.   As if answering the door in a low cut white shimmer baby doll dress with an off the shoulder ruffle that further accentuated my tits, prompting you to ask "did I get the memo...are we going to a club?" when I opened the door for you.   I got a shiver when I saw you checking me out with dropped jaw ...what a compliment.   And you darling.  You turned my eyes in your cool new totally hip (you are so much younger than me) purple glasses, your enticingly blown out brown hair over your shoulders,  and your white and pink slit sleeve maxi with your hoop earings that you always make look great, and glossy lips as voluptuous as your dismantlingly wide valley of your cleavage. I do love the way your lips look, and now I love the way they taste.  And, Oh yes...to say I have been attracted to you sexually for a long time before acting upon the urge is one thing, but also understand that your perky grapefruit size boobs and the clothes you wear to show them off have been making me wet since I met you ...since I began to like your personality as well as your beauty ...as long as I have masturbated thinking about a night like Saturday night coming to reality. 

We cook  for more than an hour til it bores me, drink not only the refreshing Yellowtail, but also a couple of shots of my concoction of orange pineapple juice mixed with cranberry and Smirnoff (the second one VERY strong for both of us)  til we become stumbly, and sit down at the table to savor each bite of deliciousness we have created.

But at that table in the soft light under the dining room chandelier,  my eyes begin to express my true hunger to devour you. I am 100 miles ahead of you sexually on this night...you don't have an idea what's coming.  And, yes, wrestling with second thoughts because I know it might screw up the best girl friendship I have.  But I am throbbing ...not just at my pussy but pulsating all over, and agonizing over the truth that I don't really have a plan other than I really want to make a pass at you and see if you will let me fuck you.  I consider saying just that ...but I can't get the words out and just hope you notice me staring at your boobs and hoping maybe something will click.  Will I kiss you, grab you, tell you ...at this point I don't know.

Thank you helping me...prayers answered !  "I can tell there is something on your mind ..what is is?" ...and I don't refute the accusation other than to say "We might talk about it later." Quizzically you raise your eyebrow and I look downward, "Oh nothing bad...only good...maybe really good but that depends on (I was going to say you but chickened out) alot of things." Maybe you started to know something then.    Our eyes meet during small talk at the small eat in kitchen table, and a  few times and I wonder if you are getting the less subtle every second message I am sending you.

To the couch we go with a fresh pour in our glasses in hand to plop down and engage in good ol fashioned girl talk..or whatever.   I feel like I have an evil plan in place because I know I am about to make my move somehow.  This can't go on without me at least trying to tell you how I feel.   So, I fake interest in office gossip from your work, share each others health scares, hide my anxiousness to touch you...kiss you..make love to you.

 As our night unfolds I am anxious to get started ...less time in the living room means more time on the bed.   I realize I want to see you react and respond to my overtures to you ...when you've been wondering what I'm doing touching your thigh or twirling my hair as we talked and you are too polite to ask what I might be up to ...or too willing to go along as long as its my idea and not yours.  I think that you are at that moment when you start to ask yourself am I coming on to you, and also ask yourself what your reaction would be if indeed I am.

Oh so typical...I drink and slither closer to you.  My hand goes once again to your thigh and I am becoming obvious.  "What are you doing?" I pull back my hand, for now, "ohhh im just tipsy."   But...Oh, to see the look in your eyes when you realize I'm not just being playful ...I'm not into the giggling girls rhetoric...tonight I want to fuck you. 

You were finishing the story about your college professors crush on you, and talking as if nothing is happening but I feel the heat building..and you feel the heat... between us and a closeness developing ...the sexual tension becoming a true character in our story, and though at some point I realize I could kiss you to gauge your reaction, my history is that I seduce in a more cerebral way.

So if you are thinking I am starting to Lez it up at you, I understand the response of talking about sex with a guy.  Seems a natural defense mechanism. You get me laughing about the boyfriend of yours wish you could have back because his dick was so small he made up for it with copious cunnilingus, and I absolutely think its no coincidence that our conversation is about the inadqcuacies of some men and the satisfaction of a good licking.   I love laughing with you and start to believe in myself ..in my seduction...and dream of clutching you.  I know we are almost here, like the familiar sign on the highway that your hometown is 5 miles down the road after you've been driving a LONG time.  But maybe a better explanation is the feeling you get when the roller coaster is done climbing up before that first downward drop of exhilaration. You prod me to tell the story of the lover I wish I could have back for just a night, and I say "oh mine is about alot of oral sex as well,' and prepare to drop the bomb.  Kind of sadly I am about to tell you ...surprise you...about her.  Yes I will always love her.  "Terry and I were together for less than 10 times, but each time we grew a little, went a little farther, enjoyed even more when we swore the last time was the best time ever...we kept getting to higher levels of the best ever....and ummm...well anyway, SHE still emails me to tell her nobody will ever be as good as me to her in bed."

And....that was me telling you I  am gay.

After a pause and a shift from me on the couch to face you and grasp your thigh to reassure you,  And Sonia, I needed you to be cool at least even if you did reject me,which I thought was very possible, and you sighed and said "is everyone bisexual these days ?"   "I certainly don't think so ...or I might have had a few more girlfriends over the years."
"It's just that ...I just went through this with someone a couple of months ago....do I give off a vibe or something ?" 

"You were with a girl?"

"It wasn't  like that...I didn't ...I wouldn't (that has me concerned for a second)...I wouldn't but she wanted me to join her husband and her...thats not for me...I just wonder if I'm giving off the gay vibe.....I mean...Im flattered....ummm...I'd say I am curious?"

"No ...you are just beautiful, sexy, and have a great personality....you know how I feel about you...I haven't been able to think about anything else but ...ummm...THIS moment for a long time.....what happened a couple of months ago?" 

"Were you with a girl?" again I asked.

You explained, "I'm just talking and hanging out at my house and Victoria ...you don't know her ...comes over  crying and upset and I'm just telling her its ok and the next thing she is climbing on top of me and trying to shove her (you stopped mid sentence before saying something you might not have wanted to)...I mean gosh, out of nowhere."   "Did anything happen?"  "No I kinda...I kinda pushed her off of me ..I was startled ...I didn't know what to do ...and really haven't seen her since ...very awkward,"  ....

Wondering if I should take offense "well I don't mean to be like..."  

"NO ...no....no this is different....alot different."

"You mean tonight is different...or I am different ..or what?"

"I don't know what I am saying," was your glorious attempt to backpedal before you admit that you want me too.

"Maybe its just the wine or thats an excuse...but I've been wishing you might come on to me tonight for about the last half hour or so."

"I think I've been .....you know...for about half an hour ...or maybe since you walked through the door,"

I laugh sincerely and inquire, " so what have I got Victoria hasn't got?"

With a naughty smile, "great tits."

I squeeze them to be funny.  "Dont go anywhere ....Im going to the bathroom," and on the way I am gliding.  Seduction COMPLETE!, questions answered ...you haven't done it before, but you've thought about it, now you want to and best yet, you want to do it with ME and not someone else you could have with.  YOU LIKE ME :) And I just need to BREATHE.

And in the mirror I freshen up and can't wipe the giddy smile off my face in the mirror.  I almost skip back to the living room, telling myself to calm down and enjoy every moment to come.

"You didn't run out screaming?" and you laugh.  And I sit and we look at each other and we just  are melting in the atmosphere.

And then we have our kiss.  Shaking and trembling you accept me turned towards you with my hand upon your shoulder...then around your neck....our introduction to each others mouths.  My tongue says "Hello there," and you greet me with yours.  Sliding into your mouth past the softest lips, the heat of our passion sparks into the fire of our love.

I love the moment when the kisses I am giving you become the kisses you are giving me, that after the recoil after another recoil, no words are needed and trust with us will get us through.  You show me your nerves...don't worry baby...I can break through it with the closeness or our skin and our souls. 
...when your tongue answers mine and a reality sets in for us both that its going to happen ...that something is ..and you don't know at all, and perhaps I know almost as little about the details ..but something big is going to happen.  Wonder if you realize how into you I am and how my pleasure consists of your pleasure and reaction.

I enjoy the point where each one of your giggles and attempt to  deflect subsides a little more each time just as the rain tapers off little by little

And as you let me lead you to the bed, where I turn on an overhead light just long enough to find a lighter to light two Yankee candles (Apple Pumpkin and Autumn Wreath), and what had started with resistance I find now amusing as you are helping me get in bed and on top of you (am I just like her ?) ...pulling me onto you and into you...pulling me IN to you... for another deep kiss.
I crave the look in your eyes when I top you and thrust my thigh into you ...a first soft moan and quick inhale of oxygen with your mouth agape.

The soft, new feel of the softness and wonderful size of your boobs when I gently massage them and cup them, lifting them to your clear to me delight. I LOVE that thrilled to the core of my being moment when I get to gaze in amazement at the vision of your breasts revealed when I pull down your bra  when we remove your top.  I know that as our eyes meet again you see a new look of hunger come upon me and my appreciation for your sexiness and the obviousness of my continuially building arousal is transparent.  

And your arousal I've been working is becoming electric, shooting sparks when your arm goes around my neck and pulls me closer, and you get into my hair and look at me with a combination of trust and begging.

When you UNDERSTAND what I need without me telling you, and submit to me by laying back against the pillow and gently caress my back with your fingertips while I kiss and suck your chest, your neck, your shoulder, and arrive to swallow as much of your breast and nipple as possible before my teeth ripen the sensation to cause your body to convulse at the sharp tingle.

I cherish the sound of your voice as I'd never heard it before gasping "Oh God Brenda," as my tongue goes to work to tend to your nipples need and my hands administer to that soft and sensitive, pliable skin, clutching your breasts with my fingertips while my palms balance and hug their weight.  "I have no idea what I'm doing...what's going on." you say as a statement, not a question. "Just keep letting me (kiss) ...you're letting me (kiss) ....don't step letting me (swallowing of your nipple in total commitment of your pleasure and feeling your response of complete permission ..as well as expectations every growing and every exceeded.  "don't stop letting me love you baby." 

The more I feel your pleasure building and your face glowing and beaming at me shyly but undeniably immersed, the more I am gratified by the falling falling falling feeling I think we both share.

My tongue on your tits and above to the  neck and back down again, with no rushing,  revealing that I have a clear agenda to collect your gasps, soft moans, and squirms as affirmation of our bodies in agreement, where we cycle a kiss, a connection, a gift of response, and back around we go to every nerve ending that returns a command to me to keep going.

While my triangle fills with blood to swell and throb and wetness oozes, it is your pussy that becomes the elephant in the room, where I knowingly brush it, cup you, or pry your legs apart with mine in all this, but never do my hands declare that the focus has shifted to it, though we both know that your pussy has the need for me, which only increases my need to go there and show my love with my lips, tongue, fingers and desire.   It builds to where I await a demand from you, which never comes, but the intensity of your squirming and the soufullness of your deep kisses let me know I'll soon be where I need to be.

But I want just a little for me.  Your gentle grasps of my bountiful breasts excite me and further pursuade my arousal.  I want to open my blouse and sit up and undo the front clasp to let them bounce out in front of you, pick up your hands and welcome you fully to my softness and have you really feel how good it feels to know me this intimately.  Your thumb and finger pinching and sqeezing my nipples to poke out and your fingernails on my skin when you lift the weight of each one inflames my body senses, but not as much as the look in your eyes cries out to me that its time.  

Our trust is engaged as the rest of our clothes end up on the floor without much ceremony, and there are so many unforgettable moments...my tongue sliding into your cavernous sanctuary of your mouth with every deep kiss ...breaking softer each time as we learned what each other likes. Pulling my lower lip into you and eyeing my reaction ...which was expressively favorable. And as I slink downward to place my wetness upon your soft, thick thigh, I tell you "you're making me feel so good," just as my fingertips touch the wettest lips and enter the soft, soaked, elastic opening with my two fingers causing your high pitch sigh and moan that quickly registers even higher as I add my thumb to your clit.  My head buries into your neck and our hair so entwines ...and simultaneously im thrusting against you, fingering inside you, and twirling your clit to an orgasm that I know will be like none you've ever known.  The spongy, warm, softness or our breasts swaying and crashing into each other as the bed rocks and the tensions of our thighs and the digging into each others skin with our nails signals the start of the simultaneous thunderous mutual orgasm with its loud breaths and moans, rolls and quakes, peaks, valleys, and subsidement.   Into the soft side of your body I slump, unable for a moment to do anything but recover but slowly fingering and keeping your pussy interested for more, while being unable to get close enough to you as you lay flat and depleted on the snuggly mattress next to me. 

Far from finished, I reverse myself to lie upside down to her and grab on to her thighs and pull myself down to the musky, wonderfully beautiful, softly hairy, glistening wet in the soft candle light.   Almost as a silly aside, I say to you "Do you mind if I lick your warm wet place my love?" and you reply, "You want my permission," ...laughing, "may I have your permission to eat your pussy until you beg me to stop?" Thighs sliding apart and your knees bend to open yourself to me, "You've had my permission all night."

All this is good...feels good ...feels right ...feels natural ...but not lost on me is the honor of being your first female lover.  I treat this first taste with utmost respect and reverance.  I know you are simultaneously SO ready for this, and yet, not ...unable to think straight and decide or think logically about anything but the "don't stop" mantra in our minds.

After a gentle first baby kiss on your lips where the evidence of our sloppy wet begginings are revealed in taste and slipperyness, I wrap my mouth around your lips and are rewarded with the moan from above and the tremble from your thighs to your ass and  pussy as I start to lick in and out and around and soon arive at your full ripened clit.  Your fingers and  nails in my hair are equsisite. 

There is a moment, I've determined, where comparisons between your lover and those who have come before her are inevitable.  The comparisons at this point are clear that I love your response to me more than anything I ever felt.  Simultaneously submissive, but also, physically powerful. Thighs clinching and hips grinding and pumping while we together skillfully stay together locked with my lips and tongue around and on your clit and my two fingers in you, curling for a spot or extending for depth, rhythmically answering your wordless requests for the how, when and how much of all that is going on in this small circle of planet earth where the whole universe for us resides.  

Nothing feels more right than me lowering my head below to suck lick and finger you to pleasure ...sometimes squeezing a thigh or slipping underneath with my hand to give your buttock a squeeze, sometimes reaching behind me to grasp at a breast ...always using the instruments in my reperitoire to the advantage of maximizing your pleasure.  With my hips up and I am on my knees, your fingers touch me, reluctant to insert a finger quite yet, toying with both me and your emotions having never entered  a woman.  And my goal with my mouth is to never let you have enough of a breath to have a thought about anything other than your own pleasure.  And in the moment when I hear your moans increasing in volume and your breath further out of control, the walls of your vagina clamping down on my two fingers fucking you, the bucking more wildly against my cheeks, I know we are nearing a few tongue flicks in just the right place to send you over again.  And as you arch into me and squeal and tense and shake out of control, you gush and I have your liquid on my cheeks and my neck and on my fingers and my right forearm....and taking you down slowly....landing the plane...I tickle and slump...still far from finished but for the moment we both must rest. 

I flip myself around and you ask if you can ask questions.  Still breathing hard I reveal the number of women I've been with, the basic sham of my marriage, and the length of time I've been attracted to you.  "This is an awful lot to take in in one day," and I assure you "we are completely together in all of this ...the sex, the affection..the delights of our little secret." With my fingertips I toy with your, side, stomach, neck, breasts, and im the soft pubic hairs, and am just about ready to begin again when you go first and we exchange bathroom breaks.   When you come back before I get set to streak, I warn you to "wait for me ...I'm not finished." 

Back and on the bed after some soft making out,, we end up in a unique position where  you are on your back and I am sitting up next to you, my leg draped across your stomach, massaging your breasts, and you can lift up to me and kiss me, then kiss down to my breasts while I slide my hand down back to your wetness.  The reactions you give me are just the best I have ever experienced...when I get there its almost like you've never been touched before.  You are so so so ALIVE.   Even though you have gone to the bathroom and wiped yourself minutes ago, you are freshly dripping and swollen and every touch and twirl my fingers do on you causes a reaction, a lunge, a squrim, a moan or gasp...and you have learned how much I love giving you pleasure ...but as I finger you again, and you begin to boil towards another earth shatterer, you lift up to kiss me and then suck on my nipple.   Oh My Gawd Sonia ...You have such an amazing way of sucking my nipples so so so good.   Yes, there is  a direct line between there and my clit, and you instinctively know this, but its also that in doing this, you are pressed as close to me as two bodies can be pressed ...so that now ...instead of feeling your pleasure just as your hips rock against my fingers and palm, but now I can see your eyes react, your body convulse, and your body show sexual excitement by longing for closer contact...almost like a cat rubs its side and back around you at feeding time, you pushed your body into me with warm and loving intimacy, exploring the skin to skin warmth and feelings. enjoying the softness of my breast against your shoulder and your skin as I found the perfect circles and strokes to drive your next orgasm, happening this time as your jaw dropped and you demanded my eye contact before the panting and moaning began now with familiarity.

You rise upwards at the moment of truth and shake under me...I feel more sexually powerful than ever, proud of my expertise, overwhelmed at your response, already dreaming of pleasure beyond this night.

After you came in that strange but effective position, I began to feel that my mouth was not getting enough ...not nearly enough of what it wanted.   Now three orgasms in for you, the one for me, not that we are counting, but I was realizing the way your body was responding that there was so much more to give.  Yet, you chose this moment to rise up from laying down and kiss me, pushing our tops together, and pushing me back against the headboard.  You shook loose whatever qualms you had for fingering me as you burst into me through my soaking lips and slid your palm to cup my pussy and massage my clit....waking me up and exilhirated that you had begun to attack my need with gusto.  That first time when a woman feels anothers wetness just for her is something that releases an ultimate rush of addrenaline, and I loved holding you in my arms, your hair against my chest, sharing that and feeling your feelings in addition to the perfect sensations your newfound lesbian lovemaking skills were evoking in my nether region.   I crawled a couple of inches back up against the headboard and with the space that created I saw the look in your eyees, directly at my pussy, and you lowered your head ..and I rose up on my knees to meet you...and in one fantastic kiss you found out how good it is to go down on a girl. 

I watched you...every move, every lick, every kiss....every savoring moment I drank up in my heart and soul in watching this glorious delightful moment.  I was almost coming before your tongue hit my clit, but you flattened your tongue and just went for it ....lapping at me ...and having never come in that position before, I started to shake and cry outloud in amazement as to how good you made my pussy feel in such a short time.  Feeling dizzy, I threw my head back and bucked my hips against you worried that it might be too much, but you rode with me til my powerful orgasm dissapated and I was able to slink down into the bed again.

Loving with you, cuddling with you, kissing your cheek and neck and feeling you hold me as tight as I held you, my pussy still throbbing for more but giving it a rest, we stroked each other as I held you into my breast and steadfastly against my skin.   Oh babe, your tongue and fingers are great, but nothing compares to the cuddling  ..almost as worthwhile as the coming. You are learning how skin kisses skin as much as mouths....something unique to what we women do...something I contend is never the case with men.   

Your comfort level with me is ever evident.  And then against my breast with your mouth you suck...then bite...then bite HARD.  I shudder...yes it hurt....but I get it.  I take the hint that you want my teeth a little more involved on you.  Got it...check..    "ung...you ok?" you mutter form below me and I tell you "its good."  I also think you are sending me a signal that we aren't necessarily done.  My nipple was throbbing and stiff between your lips, and you looked so beautiful with your lips surrounding me there.  "can you keep doing that please," I said, as I squirmed, and so you provided suction on me some more.  Funny how higher pitches or intensities of the expression "mmmmm" from me can be read by a lover as wonderful as you to know where the threshold is for how hard to bite.  You do it just right ...perfect, and with my perfectly pleasured nipple feeding your soft mouth, you reached down to start to finger me again, knowing exactly the right moment to join with me there.  . 

"Like that ?"
"Like that ..yes."
For minutes you stroked me softly, gently teasing...not in the imminient come mode, just nice...soft...lovingly.  Soft sucking of my right nipple....softly stroking my clit and my slippery lips, mouth never giving up on the ecstasy created on my breast.

 But your mouth disengages..."can I ask you something ?"
"umnhhh yea" I said controlling my breathing as your finger started getting better.
"When can we do this again ?"
I maybe was never more delighted to hear something in my whole life...assurance that you wanted this ..wanted ME again.  But since I wasn't really expecting to hear that from you, I hesitated ...almost playing coy.

"I don't know...soon...soon as we can get away like this."    I remember the baby doll look in your eyes with your hair all out of whack half in front of your face....a pleading look. ..the same one I see whenever you need me as a friend...and how wonderful it felt to know that look as a lover.
"but you want to right ?"  I get it ..suspecting this is a one night stand ...don't blame you.  You so needed to hear me tell you how much I was already falling in love with you.  Kind of unfair to ask someone for committment when you are giving the best finger and thumb rub and nipple sucking I have ever felt.

Just then....you realllllly hit the spot.  "of course I want this again...want YOU again.  ...There is so much I want to do with you...so much we can do.   So yes..(pant ..gasp...slosh) I want more...and I mean that without regard to the way you are about to make me come again."

"Again?"  and your hand froze...as if ...you  didn't realize where I was headed.

    In my mind I am thinking . “Please fuck me. Quit screwing around and please, fuck me!”....  But ...I can handle this.  It's natural...we have just gone from friendship to fucking to ..fucking REAL GOOD in 30 minutes...it's alot to take in.  I placed my hand over your still hand in my bush against my wet lips, clasping  my fingers through yours.  "Baby...it's ok...I adore you and have for so long. I have wanted you secretly forever. Our friendship....nothing changes....got that?" And I burned that thought with my eyes into yours.

You say nothing ..your shoulders shurg...I could feel in your sigh a different level of resignation ...and I smiled inwardly as your started stroking my pussy gently ...starting the engine back up after our pause.  

Then you surprised me...patting my pussy....then increasing intensity until you were gently spanking me.  Well, lady, nobody ever did that to me...I had done it to myself but that is no substitute.  You slap, slap again, and then slide a finger past my engorged clit and into my slippery lips....and repeat.  Your beautiful sexy voice "you like that?"

"ungh huh" as I pray that this is the start of you taking me over.  I had never needed to come so much.

I am groping your hanging breast and starting to undulate against you as your fingers masterfully, perfectly touch and tickle me to the building, inevitable explosion. You have caused me to need....and perhaps as well, the time it is been since I had been with anyone, but mostly, the beauty of you and my incredible fortune to be naked with you and being made love to so eagerly in your virgin lesbian experience. 

My hands engulf your soft cheeks so I can pull you closer to my mouth to kiss you.  Wet and deep and passionately, I love you with my lips and tongue and the softness of your kiss is yet another of the "best ever" moments that are happening like a fireworks show that has yet to come to it's finale.   "Your lips are so soft...and your eyes...you have the most beautiful lashes ...you are so pretty,"  I say and you kiss me with more affection, your fingers flick me against my inner wall, and you say the words that have echoed in my mind ever since.  "You like my lips?"  And you kiss me and enter my mouth with your thin, sensously moving tongue.  I mutter response, and I feel a tension as you say "want my lips here?" and you jab into me quite deeply as if we didn't know what you meant.

Knowing you haven't done it, I want to say something like "It's ok ...don't have to ...fingers are working fine," which they were, but...I could tell you had already thought it through enough to know you wanted to taste me.  So I chose to excitely accept...and perhaps I rushed a little bit when I through myself back on the bed on my back and scooted up to the pillows to await this glorious treat.  I am oozing so much I wonder if we should get a towel...thats how wet you make me.  I flash to a thought of if that will put you off ...praying I am not unpleasing to you in any way for what you are about to do. 

Just as fast as I had gotten, shall we say, into position, you gravitate to the bottom of the bed.  My eyes fixate on your flowing,  creamy breasts, a satisfying and erotic sight. I can't say enough how much I love your tits.    You look up at me almost as though the gravity of the moment hasn't occured to you....as you just listen to how our bodies are talking without the minds getting in the way.   You kiss my right thigh and drag your nails along my side as you scoot closer to me.  My hand instinctually goes first to my breasts to squeeze them both and pinch my nipples, and then down towards your hair to mingle and await you.  I was tempted to pull you into me.  You touched me and then circled your fingertip around my opening ...my legs spread to welcome you.   You kiss me ...a soft sweet kiss which tingles and zings me.  Your tongue tests and tastes and for a few minutes you bring me quickly to a boil with the slowness and deliberate and methodical tonguing you are giving me.  For a moment I wonder if you are having second thoughts as you pull away and look away from my pleasure and into my thigh, where you kiss me gently and knead the muscle gratifyingly.  My mind, prematurely jumping to the conclusion that you are overwhelmed and might not want to continue, starts to imagine the myriad of things that could happen that would lead to me coming...because I am NEEDING to come and completely on fire ...in fact I settle in about a split second that I just going to mount you and fuck your thigh again...(that was sure good before)....but in another expression of your adorable innocence that I've known in many ways and now am experiencing in bed with you, you look at me with the most equisite bewilderment smiling and say "Brenda....I just keep thinking of flowers. "  You giggle, " I'm doing this and I just keep haivng the most beautiful visions of flowers and gardens...its just so stupid."   You always say whatever you feel and am relieved at how comfortable you are.  "I have NO idea what to say to that, " and you softly say almost semi conciously "yeaaaah," cutely smiling and then your tongue goes straight to my clit as if to say you aren't playing around anymore.

You keep looking up at me and it makes me feel sexy...I alternate between looking into your eyes, and with another flick of your increasingly educated tongue I can't look and throw my head back and close my eyes.  I'm building and can't help the tugging on your head into me and the gyrations of my hips into your mouth.    I felt the need to warn you about my gushing when it's like this, right before your furiously fast and holding on to me explosion I gasp "its going to be a lot of hot liquid baby."  You moan into my cunt ...I arrive saying "Guuu  shing ...oh gawd...gu   shing" and my powerful throbs bathe your soft cheeks while a myriad of thoughts run through my mind.  I'm thinking that for whatever your first impressions of lesbian sex, the way I come might be an eye opener for someone maybe not committed yet.  I am a convulsing, shaking, gushing, babbling, moaning, foolish feeling, primitive orgasmer.  You well know how out of control I was in this.   This is different than the earlier pinning on the backboard ...we are more relaxed...You are clearly immersed.   I am considering your pride...the pride anyone feels naturally when for the first time you  compose a woman's ultimate culmination of pleasure.  I thought about how amaaaaazingly good you were naturally with your tongue and fingers each time ...never failing to pleasure me in any given moment, and improving with each suck and lick and entrance into my pussy as well as my soul. 

And, although spent, ..I thought about how fast I could get my mouth back on your pussy, and my tongue inside your pussy, and again create the waves of pleasure you just gave me. 

For 10 minutes we laid together, my right arm around your shoulders and your soft skin soothing my stroking fingertips ...nuzzling...spooning...warming...as close as we can get to each other....in silence. The two of us blabbermouths in silence and the moment.  Lost in the candles flicker against the wall ...dreaming...dreary...satisfied ...but feeling not finished.

My stroking of your arm became a caress of your breast, and squeezing a bit harder and pinching your nipple, you elicit a sound of delight.

Because you are too close to the edge of the bed, I roll out of our embrace and start to nudge..then pull you to the center of the bed "C'mon"
"NO! " and you seem very honest about that protest.  "No way...you can't...you don't....I can't," you stutter but I am able to place you on your back and roll over on you halfway and start to kiss your neck.  I get the moan I was going for when I involve your earlobe, and as I roll my tongue back down to your neck you roll your head to the side to give me more to suck and lick.  My hand begins to palm massage and lift your breast and your nipple responds with excitement.  I start to grind a bit on your thigh.
"You CAN'T  be serious!"

"I am SO serious," I say as I suck hard enough on your neck to be dangerously close to leaving an unintended mark ...but you love it and squirm and sigh a huge sigh and say "AREN'T you FINISHED ..I mean..er...aren't we finished here....?"

My answer to you is a deep, long, lingering kiss and a nice niibble and pulling upon your lower lip.

Your arms around me ever more tightly and you kiss me back deeper and our eyes meet and you sweetly tell me, "YOU ARE RELENTLESS...."

"Insatiable," I replied
"and I like it," she said in a tone that almost favored Katy Perry.
I knew what I wanted..." Baby, I need to ..I want to I should say...ahem...I want to show you what is the most amazing thing to me.  I feel close enough to you...you just have no idea how good it feels."

"Uh should I be scared," you said with mischevious innocence.

"Probably," I playfully responded and grinded hard into her thigh. "Trust me?"

You didn't respond and looked like you didn't want to answer yes at first.
"Trust me?" as I grinded harder into you and saw your eyes respond before your beautiful mouth softly said "I trust you ...I've trusted you all night."

"This might get awkward," I said in dismount and rising upward, "...but its worth it....just trust me."

"What are you going to do," you said with just a mild tinge of fear mixed with your anticipation.  I didn;t answer but lifted your leg and got on my knees above you and splayed your legs...reached down to test your wetness that I already knew was flowing.

"I understand," was the last english I heard from your for a lenghty period of time.

 I stretched my leg and scooched into place to place us together in electrifying reality.  It was incredible instantaneously.  Within thirty seconds we were both moaning our own vocalities of intense pleasure.  I led by bumping and sloshing us ..first finding a spot for me or then for you or then for both of us and trying to keep that connection.  Your hands gripped forearms me so tightly is it got better, and then we played with each others breasts and exchanged our "this is unbelievable" looks with each other.  Our pussy's kissed and pushed against each other and at one point your facial expression was one that could double for misery and your noises were of agony, almost as if something were dying in the room. 

It felt so good but I need what I need.   I didn't warn you but just pulled off of you and began my decent. "What..w...oh..oh my you are not to be believed."

I hungrily dove in towards you again to furiously bring you off again with my twirling tongue, but wait ....you had taught me something earlier.   You wouldn't have slapped my pussy if it wasnt something you wanted yourself.  I opened my palm and patted you...then slapped you, urged on by your "yes ..yes." 
Fingering you, licking you, groping for your bouncing breasts, hearing your emotions and passion, enjoying the guidance of your hands in my hair pulling me into you, riding your thrusts, feeling your legs tense, and synchron icities of our minds and bodies completely in the bubble together as one in both exctacy and soothing comfort as the barrier that exists before your eruption fractures in a quaking, shuddering, oneness we shared that night and for as many nights as the love between us will allow.  


Elexis Monroe

Hi ladies...

I still love you ...I just can't seem to get any of my 5 or 6 projects finished for publishing.  Please forgive me ...I will tweet when I post something juicy.  @akiss2desire  . 

I am not here on this blog for the last several years putting a bunch of porn up.  Although, when I am in a writers block, I am tempted to do more of that just to keep things wet and interesting here.  I am moved to say that I have a favorite lesbian actress.  Her name is Elexis Monroe.   I totally in love.

Beautiful and Sensous Elexis Monroe
Elexis SO clearly is doing what she is doing in her scenes ...that we all know there is a crew and a director but she is so immersed with her love of lesbian sex that we as viewers completely forget whatever is scripted.  She makes her girlfriends feel comfortable, loved, respected, and pleasured.  Nobody I have ever seen on the internet doing what she does (lesbian porn) has ever made me feel this way.  She goes down the way I love to go down, she fucks the way I love to fuck and tribs like nobody else.  NATURAL breasts so wonderful.  Good thigh kisser :)  She knows her own pleasures as well and while I watch her and twiddle my clit and palm myself to orgasm, I can't decide if it's because I want her so bad or I want to be her so bad.This I know..I've made love with her a million times in my mind ..in every way.

Again I will say ..I am in love ....  with her look her body, her way...mostly her way.  And in almost everything she does, just look at the eye contact she makes and receives...and the complete adoration she gets from the girls she makes love with in scenes.

Elexis Monroe...I truly love you more than anyone who I have shared my "me time" with.

Again, I hardly ever post porn but, if you want a good starting point to find some of her work,, this link will suffice. http://www.freeones.com/html/e_links/Elexis_Monroe/

Elexis Monroe Making Another Woman Come
Let me know what you think.



Rachel McAdams Lesbian Movie ? Tingles!

This upcoming movie looks good and this picture from it gives me tingles.  LOVE Rachel McAdams in a lesbian scene.


Just a Beautiful Lesbian Passionate Video

This moved me ...maybe I have been a bit ready for a cry and this did the trick. Very erotic, PERFECT images, and worth every single second of your time.

Random Lesbian Blog Thoughts from Akiss2desire


YOU-Follow this blog and come back sometimes...maybe wishing I had written something more.  

ME-Since publishing "Carrie" (please read and give feedback,) there have been no original stories.

also me...going to the beach for a week ...yayyy.  And I may be reading this shades of grey everyone is talking about.  Late to that party I know. 

So here is an update on a few things dear readers and a special reader whom I love.   I haven't been laid in a long time.   When that happens, I imagine you might be the first to know. Something good will come out of all this, all good things come to she who waits.  

I have what appears to be five stories in various states of completion ...but exhuasted myself and burned myself out on writing "Carrie" and it was so flawed that Literotica rejected it.  Very depressed about that.

One inspiration for writing is that some intimate moments from my sexual experiences come back to me, and I write them out and embellish them, and what comes out of it is tiny blurbs that make there way into the outline of a story, but don't make it a story yet ...I will give you an example of describing when a girl went down on me for the first time:

....long strokes leads to my pussy pulsating, my legs went rigid, i screamed and flooded her chin and the bed with my juices.  what an amazing look she had on her face looking at me when I looked down, a bit of shock transformed as we made eye contact into a giggle and then her eyes shied away from me as she laughed

What? I asked

OMG...thats just so incredible.

"i thought it would be harder to make you come"

"Don't freeak out when I tell you this but ..you are a natural...Best I've ever had...honestly"

(I think that is just a snapshot from a sexual adventure...but kinda gets me going everytime I think about it and when I read it I go ...."how do I get that in a story" or "have I used that yet ?")

Please let me reccomend some of my more decent writing to peruse while I combat the writers block

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In touch and in, moment the dream of our lesbian lust Something I have always been proud of ..just stream of consciousness semi-poetry --could hammer it out to something else someday

My lesbian Desire For You Remains So Strong   A love note

Fantasy Meeting of my Lesbian Love - First Kiss  again...something very early in my writing but was definitely INSPIRED

I miss publishing new stuff ....Its coming I promise.   Thanks for reading and feeding back at akiss2desire@gmail.com

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