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Lesbian Hot For Hillary Clinton video ..wow ..its funny ..and..a bit erotic too

Taryn Southern was an American Idol Contestant and now she is Hot For Hillary Clinton in a video that someone emailed me.... I can't believe it .. a lesbian love song to Hillary.

Some Lyrics ...
"H-I-L-L-A-R-Y I know you're not gay but I'm hoping for bi...lingual,"
She talks of wanting and needing the candidate

Here is the link to the video
clicking on the picture at left doesn't work

Here is a description of the video

video: school teacher of approximately 4th graders seated at the head of the class talking on a cell phone

hey hill I hope you dont mind all the messages

video: incoming message b obama ...she beeps back to original call

sorry about that

I have a crush on a girl named hill
but shes' nto with me shes with this guy named bill
but theres one thing i know i just sit still
until I see hill up on capitol Hill

hillary i think i want you
i think i need you
i like your hair
the pantsuits you wear
and the shape of your derriere

i could be your maid
or your white house aide
or the soldier who marches in your first parade

shes got style and class and a politcal past
obama is nice but youve got something he lacks (video: picture of the word ovaries)
lets seal the deal witha hug and a kiss
and put a hot chick in the oval office

I KNOW YOURE NOT GAY BUT IM HOPING FOR BI (video: screen says bilingual)

hillary i think i want you
i think i need you
i like your eyes
your foreign ties and how great are your ("thighs" apparently replaced with spoken insert and the word POLICIES)

the USA would be a better place
if everyone could just get a taste (video: eating hillarys cake)
of youuuuuuuu

(kids sing)
if we all had some hill
up on the hill

(back to her singing)
hillary i think i want youi think i need you
Hillary youve got great skin
better than most wo-men
you can totally WIN

Southern said that she is a straight woman."...I knew the comedy would come from a girl singing about a girl. That's what made the parody different from the Obama Girl video."

Funny and cute and I get it ... Great job to everyone who did this

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