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Commentary On A Lesbian Kiss Video to share.

Here is a link to a youtube Lesbian Kiss Video that is easy enough for anyone to search on their own. http://youtube.com/watch?v=5UJan8TG-XM (clicking on the picture won't work)

OK ..it is 4minutes long and yes...it is two models who are getting paid to do this ...but watch it and you will see something very erotic and with some feelings I believe come to the surface and can be felt by the viewer.

a very good 20 seconds or so of two communicating "are you ready yet" into.."yes lets do this"

at :30 the blonde kisses the brunette with deep tongue and its clear it "gets her" you can almost feel the zing between them as "this is how it should be" and enough of the "hey we are doing this for money for the photog" is set aside for the two to begin to share the moment

at 1:12 it is the blonde womans "trust me and we will go there together" kiss ..the brunette still seeming a little overwhelmed and not quite "with" the blonde girl who is showing her attraction

at 1:30 the best closeup of two women finding IT together...the brunette begins to fall ...its getting deep and the "yes I am tingling too" moment between them has arrived

at 1:40 the brunette submits to the blonde in "i am yours if you really want me"

the power sharing shifts for 20 seconds as the brunette gives the blonde an "I'm not ready to stop ...dont you dare" passionate kiss that reassures the blonde and now there is forming a bubble that is blocking out the camera crew and "get the job done" aspect. Desire is definitely setting in for both

from 2:30 to 3:00 is the mutual admission that the sexual charge is there... we're getting wet and we are going to have to do something about it

3:00 to 3:30 is the blonde asserting "I have fallen for you and I am going to make you so happy when we are alone"

Each with such beautiful eyes and georgeous hair overlooking a beautiful scene ...the vid ends with me totally believing their love is blossoming.

I share this because it is just so hard to find pictures and vids of women who don't look so much like they are faking it. Have you found one like this to share ?

You know..these are MY personal feelings about this kiss ... I would love to know how someone else felt when watching. write me at akiss2desire@gmail.com

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